Making Time for Ourselves

In our busy schedules and with an endless “to do” list , most of us, continue to put ourselves last and postponing the so deserving bubble bath, the solo walk on the beach, the reading of that  novel and even a non planned nap when the body is begging for it.

Is it us or the world that have high expectations of achievement? What is the reward after we get there? Money, recognition, better health, a dreamed vacation ? Where are we really putting the emphasis in our lives?

I believe in the importance of making time for ourselves because we  truly do know if we go a little bit further without attention to our own needs,  those we love the most might get snapped by our sudden change of moods and inability to control our temper.

We have to be aware that the pressure imposed on ourselves is mainly by ourselves.

I remember when someone I loved and cared about said that our relationship had ended when I said that I was going to take care of myself. I couldn’t quite understand my mixed feelings, in one hand I was thrilled to finally have recognized how important it was to love myself so unconditionally that I would be willing to really listen to my needs, on the other hand I was receiving the distorted message that caring for me wasn’t acceptable. I am glad and feel no shame to say that I chose to love myself first.

Maybe is a good thing to revisit our past and figure out when the idea that caring for oneself is not ok was established and gently, if we think it’s important, to replace that idea with the one that understands that when our being is overflowing in contentment there will be so much more to give.

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