Happy Holidays

This year of 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most challenging years for humankind in the modern era. A year when humans had to stop, rethink their way of living, their way of treating each other, their way of treating themselves, their way of treating the Earth. Some of us pondered, for the very first time, about unhealthy patterns in families, in communities, in societies, in countries. Wounds became more apparent and truly painful for many. There is a great read about that “Feelings buried alive never die…” by Karol K. Truman. And for so many of us on Earth the grief and sorrow have been really profound.

“…when you change your life, it isn’t to become the new you. It’s to become the real you- the one-of-a-kind diamond that will never exist again and can never be replaced. Everything that’s happened to you-all the choices you’ve made until now, all the ways you’ve tried to cope-it all matters; it’s all useful. You don’t have to throw everything out and start from scratch. Whatever you’ve done, it’s brought you this far, to this moment. The ultimate key to freedom is to keep becoming who you truly are.”  The Gift -12 Lessons to Save Your Life, by Edith Eger (a holocaust survivor).

The Age of Aquarius has begun! Let’s make 2021 the year we truly embrace with courage, determination, and strength all the challenges that may come our way! Let’s spread unconditional love and heal!

May the challenges be few, may our courage be as strong as never before, and may we keep reaching out to the tools from our toolbox: Qigong, meditation, prayer, mindful breathing, walking in nature, yoga, eating healthy, volunteering (whenever possible), TAT, and keep strengthening our inner energy.

I intend to be more present within our community offering more online classes, sound baths (I have the studio better equipped with professional microphones, lights, and incredible new crystal singing bowls that can make you transcend this world!) and private online sessions for Qigong healing and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) and when we have the ok from the state to reopen to offer energy massages again, I will! There were a few detours this year to care for the family, so it wasn’t possible to keep our practice consistent.

For those that have young kids or even teens that are interested in learning easy ways to get into meditation practices, and have better coping mechanisms, please get in touch with me. I have been offering a Mindfulness and Meditation class for kids (6-10 years old)-Finding the Magic Within- Tuesdays at 4 pm (Pacific Time).

I wish lots of love, peace and happiness to you and your loved ones.

Happy Holidays!

Maria Helena Corrêa Anderson 

Happy New Year!

I wish you, your family and loved ones a fantastic New Year!

May you make time to silence the world outside and travel inwards, enjoying the angelical voices of your inner guidance.

May you keep digging deeper and deeper into your heart, into your family’s history so you can uncover the secrets to your healing and well being.






The tools Mother Nature shares abundantly with us, like crystals, are amazing to help us reach deep into our hearts during meditation.

May you keep dreaming and take each day a little step towards the manifestation of your dreams, having your heart as the compass for the path ahead.

May you be able to make peace with the circumstances ( and people) you cannot control, allowing the unfoldment of life. Trusting that the highest good will come to pass as long as you are true to your heart.

May you make a commitment to yourself to care and nurture your inner child, having fun along the way, so the balance of work and play makes the bumps on the road easier to ride.

May you keep receiving massages often, relaxing more and more so you can open your arms to the blessings the Universe has prepared just for you!

             My massage and healing room awaits you!

As for myself, I will continue my own healing journey, deepening my studies(and experimental training)  in holistic healing, bringing more instruments (especially  Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks) and knowledge to my sessions, so together we can release any energy that holds you back, preventing you to have inner peace and live a fulfilling life.

Cheers to 2018! May there be peace on Earth, May it start with me!

Maria Helena




Why Healing With Sounds?

Why healing with sounds? Because we are vibrational beings, with energy pulsating in and all around us.

According to Jonathan Goldman, director of the Sound Healers Association,  “people have been using mantras and others sounds for various types of healing and consciousness shifts for thousands of years in different traditions”. Shamans have used drumming, rattling, chanting, instrumental music and other sounds techniques as its primary tools for healing.

OM tuning forks

I have been using in my practice, for several years now, sounds in combination with body work. What I see the majority of my clients experience, specially after certain tuning forks are played around the head, is a great sense of calmness, clarity and harmony( as long as there is silence and focus during the experience).

I recently acquired a hand hammered Tibetan singing bowl from Nepal. The sound and vibration are very powerful! Hope you get to experience it soon and give me your feedback.

Pineal Gland Tuning Fork used in my practice

The ancient mystics have told us that everything is in a state of vibration, every organ, every bone, every tissue, every system of the body is creating a sound. Modern science is now in agreement with that…finally! What to do when we have this information?

When I was a little girl, growing up in Brazil, I loved dancing to the samba, the beats of the drums made me feel amazing.  I could feel the vibration on the floor coming up in my body through the soles of my feet (dancing barefoot has always been my favorite!) and after a few minutes whatever tension, anxiety and fears I felt, would be gone from my body and my being, even if temporarily. Many times it felt like I didn’t even have a body, I was part of all things and all things were  part of me.

Until today I use dancing to the drums to create vibration in my body and reestablish more harmony and peace in my inner being, especially before giving any massage and energy treatment.

“Modern Science is finally recognizing that energy constitutes the blueprint of the physical body.Meanwhile, the energetic vibration of sound can be used to change that blueprint in ways that foster health and well being.” Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine.

If we accept that every part of the body has its specific vibration, specific frequency, we can imagine that an organ in the body that is in a state of disharmony might work more like an instrument* out of tune, right?

What if we could tune up the body as a whole, so each player, each part of the body could “play” again, in harmony with all the other players and a sense of well being be reestablished in the body?

Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. is a clinical professor of medicine at Weill-Cornell Medical College and founder of Gaynor Integrative Oncology in New York City. He is also the author of “The Healing Power of Sound: recovery from Life-Threatening Illness Using Sound, Voice and Music”. Dr. Gaynor tells that his success in treating patients with various forms of cancer has improved markedly since he began having his patients chant mantras while listening to the sound of singing bowls.

It is critical to mention that as each part of the body has its frequency so does the food we feed our bodies.

The “movement” pro organic food educates us on the importance of consuming more living foods, it also urges us to consume less animal products(if any at all, since animals are also vibrating to the level of care they are subjected to) and less processed foods. This shift in consciousness came as a direct result of the huge number of diseases of the body and mind in mankind, and also due the increasing destruction and consequent imbalance of Mother Nature and all living beings on Earth.

Tools like tuning forks, singing bowls, crystals (that are found in great abundance on Earth for every vibration of our bodies) and even a well calibrated human body that touches us can influence the whole vibration of our bodies, working as a “tuning fork”, that is what we, healers, intend to do at every session.

Our embodied presence on Earth directly impacts every life. The harmony or lack of in the “orchestra of living beings” played in our planet can be changed by each and everyone of us, the musicians. We are elevating together the consciousness of our planet as each one of us chooses to tune up the body, mind and soul.


Maria Helena








Healing Properties of Crystals

When I was first introduced to crystals many years ago in Brazil, I was still a kid. The colors of crystals fascinated me, especially the purple ones.

After moving to the US my mom gifted my children with boxes filled with these beautiful and colorful stones. I was already in love with them and just the act of holding them made me feel good and I didn’t know why…

Medicine people and shamans around the world have been working with crystals for healing for thousands of years.

Crystals channel energy, they vibrate and hold heat and electricity. They increase the frequency of light passed through them and provide a stable flow of energy. This is possible, especially in crystals like Quartz, because of their lattice structure.

While the scientific community still struggles to prove things and answer whys, holistic healers all over the globe continue to use crystals to heal ailments, to relieve stress, to improve focus, to get rid of negative energies, to expedite recovery from the simplest to more complicated illnesses, to help with mental clarity, to open one’s heart for love, to bring peace to an environment and the list goes on.

It’s important to know that before we bring crystals into our lives we need to get personally acquainted to them. Which means to get to know them in a deep level. We need to hold them, to feel them and to notice any changes in our energy field and feelings.

Educating ourselves about the kind of crystals there are, their properties, how to care for them and the use of them on our daily lives will make it fun to know a little bit more about Gaia, Mother Earth, and the incredible gifts given to us, so many times forgotten and hidden behind our busy life and material distractions.