Happy Holidays

This year of 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most challenging years for humankind in the modern era. A year when humans had to stop, rethink their way of living, their way of treating each other, their way of treating themselves, their way of treating the Earth. Some of us pondered, for the very first time, about unhealthy patterns in families, in communities, in societies, in countries. Wounds became more apparent and truly painful for many. There is a great read about that “Feelings buried alive never die…” by Karol K. Truman. And for so many of us on Earth the grief and sorrow have been really profound.

“…when you change your life, it isn’t to become the new you. It’s to become the real you- the one-of-a-kind diamond that will never exist again and can never be replaced. Everything that’s happened to you-all the choices you’ve made until now, all the ways you’ve tried to cope-it all matters; it’s all useful. You don’t have to throw everything out and start from scratch. Whatever you’ve done, it’s brought you this far, to this moment. The ultimate key to freedom is to keep becoming who you truly are.”  The Gift -12 Lessons to Save Your Life, by Edith Eger (a holocaust survivor).

The Age of Aquarius has begun! Let’s make 2021 the year we truly embrace with courage, determination, and strength all the challenges that may come our way! Let’s spread unconditional love and heal!

May the challenges be few, may our courage be as strong as never before, and may we keep reaching out to the tools from our toolbox: Qigong, meditation, prayer, mindful breathing, walking in nature, yoga, eating healthy, volunteering (whenever possible), TAT, and keep strengthening our inner energy.

I intend to be more present within our community offering more online classes, sound baths (I have the studio better equipped with professional microphones, lights, and incredible new crystal singing bowls that can make you transcend this world!) and private online sessions for Qigong healing and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) and when we have the ok from the state to reopen to offer energy massages again, I will! There were a few detours this year to care for the family, so it wasn’t possible to keep our practice consistent.

For those that have young kids or even teens that are interested in learning easy ways to get into meditation practices, and have better coping mechanisms, please get in touch with me. I have been offering a Mindfulness and Meditation class for kids (6-10 years old)-Finding the Magic Within- Tuesdays at 4 pm (Pacific Time).

I wish lots of love, peace and happiness to you and your loved ones.

Happy Holidays!

Maria Helena Corrêa Anderson 

5 Element Healing Movement-Spring Forest QiGong




I have been introduced to Qigong practice several years ago. Spring Forest Qigong, in particular, enhanced all other forms of energy healing and movement I had learned over the years. Healing is a natural consequence of a regular practice. I was amazed by its simplicity and enormous power to move energy. So much so that I decided to complete all trainings to be officially a Practice Group Leader.


The simple act of bringing awareness to our bodies, these incredible “machines” created for us as a “vehicle for our awakening” (Buddha), is an act of self love and an act of love to our family and all those around us. The Chinese have known for thousands of years the secrets of the energy system that runs inside of our bodies, whether we are aware of them or not. They have known the wisdom of the 5 Elements in nature and their correlation to our internal organs. Nature and we and the whole Universe are not separate entities, we are connected in this matrix of energy. This is why each and every action taken in individual-level ripples, producing joy or sadness, happiness or sorrow, peace or chaos.

Master Chunyi Lin is the creator of Spring Forest Qigong. He is the author of the book “Born a Healer” ( I was born a healer. You were born a healer, too!) where he shares his amazing story of courage, healing, perseverance and unconditional love, and forgivingness (even for those who inflicted pain to him and his whole family during the Chinese Cultural Revolution and terrifying time under Mao Zedong’s regime). Master Lin’s mission with the creation of this Qigong technique, simple and very, very effective (I can attest that for sure and so many others too!) is “a healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering”. What an amazing mission, don’t you think?

Well, it is with great satisfaction that I will be offering the Spring Forest 5 Element Healing Qigong practice via zoom on a weekly basis and will share with you the incredible wisdom behind the practice and the intelligence of our inner Qi (life force, inner energy).

On this coming Wednesday, December 2nd at 6:30pm I invite you to a free Introductory class. Wear comfortable clothes, be well hydrated and be in a space where you won’t be interrupted for about 1 hour. Invite your friends or anybody that might need an “injection” of inspiration for his or her healing path or simply to feel more balanced emotionally, physically and spiritually. I can say so much about this practice, however the value is always on our own personal experience. Practiced in a group (even online) the energy is magnified, so we can feel the benefits even more.

Please,  send me a message via email:

maria@corpoealmahealing.com or via text (805)728-5573 if you would like to join us,

so I can send you the link to our zoom meeting. I might be able to do 10 mins of a calming sound bath to close our meeting. For the sound bath I suggest you use a pair of headphones to make the sound more powerful.

Looking forward to seeing you and guide you through a beautiful and strong experience!



Happy Thanksgiving

I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

In life sometimes we can feel that is very difficult to open up our hearts to gratitude. Gratitude in energy healing is like a magic potion, that calibrates the heart to its highest vibration. Therefore, aligning our whole being to Heaven and Earth at the same time.

2020 will be a year that we will remember and write about for a very long time. It has been a year of great challenges, sorrow, big shifts and beginning of transformation in society as we know it, and certainly a great shift and awakening for most of us as we experience life as humans.

Even facing all these challenges, and pain, and sorrow, every day there is a breath within us, there is light coming through our eyes. We still can see the beauty and the amazing miracles on Earth: hummingbirds tirelessly flapping their wings and kissing the flowers, the white snow covering the mountains and the deer family that comes to visit the backyard of some lucky ones (just dreaming a little from when my family and I lived in New Jersey 😉 ), the blue sky and the fluffy clouds (we can even pretend to reach one cloud with our fingers and feel its coolness and soft texture). There is joy and contentment in living a life of simplicity and clarity. 

I wish that in this Thanksgiving we all can hold both our hands in prayer for the many blessings we each wake up for every single day and with that feeling of gratitude send this love and this light to anyone you know might benefit from it. It can be a  family member, a friend, it can be your community, it can be the whole world. Pure love from the heart, travels hundreds of thousands of miles, it travels the seemingly impenetrable door and walls of the world and people. It is fire, it is light, it is pure healing.

If you can feel this fire in your heart, share it, spread it, because there are so many out there, that can use just a little more light to ignite their own fire and inner power to rise above!

I love you and am deeply grateful for you. I also am so very grateful that despite the pain for the losses my family had this year, the memories and love of those that are no longer on this Earthly plane, transcend the physical and will forever be part of us.

Maria Helena Corrêa Anderson

Studio Update


While massage practice has been authorized to reopen in California, since June 19th, after thoughtful consideration I have decided to keep the studio closed a little longer.  I am not sure how much longer.

Massage practice offers a really great risk of transmission of the Coronavirus and the steps to take to offer a safer environment (not risk-free) for all are many at this moment.

My family was directly impacted by this pandemic. My beloved father passed away 5 weeks ago after contracting the virus at a hospital in Brazil. After suffering a heart attack and while in treatment there, he was contaminated and succumbed to the virus.

The profound pain of those in hospitals fighting for their lives (without having permission to receive visitors for obvious reasons) and family members is beyond anything we could have imagined.

I hope you and your family continue to be safe, healthy, and practicing social distancing and wearing a mask when in public (simple steps that can do wonders to protect the most vulnerable).

I have been working to create an online program on energy healing, relieving stress, and trauma. As soon as I have the proper platform set up to start offering this program, I will let you know.

I miss you all very much and I miss giving massages.

I am riding the waves of change during these big shifts on Earth in a way I feel guided to. I intend to continue to work in the healing arts, to serve our community, and to keep sharing the knowledge and wisdom that were shared with me, by so many masters, over the decades.


With much love and saudades (this is a beautiful word from my language, Portuguese, to express the feelings of missing someone or something),

Maria Helena Anderson

Qigong Classes

Happy New Year!

Hopefully a year for self reflection, healing and personal growth to all of us.

We will continue to offer the Qigong and meditation classes on Mondays and Thursdays, both from 6-7pm. You can register and pay online through our website :


Here is a short video to share the birth of our studio. Thanks to the amazing Brazilian artist, Gilda Almeida, that spent days  bringing her love and colors to the walls of our studio.


Looking forward to seeing in the classes or for a private session!

Cheers to your life, your health and your journey!

Much love,

Maria Helena Anderson


December Classes and More



During the month of December I will continue to offer the QiGong -5 Element Healing Movement every Monday from 6-7pm and Thursdays from 9-10am. QiGong is a powerful practice for all of us on the path of healing and inner peace! A practice that brings balance and harmony to yourself and those around you.

The Community Healing Meditation will be back next year, most likely in a different format, as soon as I define it better.

In December, Petra Harbhajan Gordon, will be teaching Kundalini Yoga classes open to everyone! The dates are: Dec 3rd, Dec 10th and Dec 17th , from 6:30-8pm, on Tuesdays. You can pay for a single class $28 or for the package of 3 classes, $75.  Registration is online on the website on Schedulicity, click on “classes”, payments should be arranged directly with me: Venmo, Credit Card (with added processing fee), Check or Cash are welcome.

On December 5th and 19th (Thusrdays) Allie will teach the Vinyasa Flow and continue to make it extra special adding her angelical voice to the sound of Crystal singing bowls and Ukulele for a long Shavasana. The classes are from 7-8:20pm. Registration also is online under “classes” (Schedulicity) and the cost is $30/session. Please, contact me after your registration to the class for payment or you can pay it at the door ( Venmo, Credit card + processing fee, Check or Cash).

The studio will be closed on Dec 24th, 25th and 26th, 2019.

If you are thinking of a gift of healing for a loved one or someone you feel can benefit from the private healing sessions with me, there are  gift certificates available!

Much love,

Maria Helena Anderson








The Biggest Little Farm

We are going to kick off the Documentaries Series at our Studio with the screening of this amazing, inspiring and informative documentary, The Biggest Little Farm.

I am a strong believer that knowledge is  power and the more we educate ourselves in relation to issues that affect us all directly: health, healing, environment, the more prepared we are to make positive changes in our personal lives that will certainly impact our home, our community and our country.

Please, save your spot online (since space is limited) and join us this Saturday, November 14th at 4pm, to watch this fascinating documentary! if you already have seen it,come again! You might be surprised with the new facts you will discover.


When you go to the website, scroll down until you reach Schedulicity. The link will  be under “classes”.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you cannot figure it out.


Looking forward to a fun time together!


Maria Helena Anderson

Opening the Pathway to Peace Within…Releasing Anger From The Liver

Several years ago when I started practicing yoga and became aware of the energy flow in my body, I had an energy healing session with my yoga master.  She “poked” the right side of my body, on the liver area. I felt so much pain and didn’t understand why. I was told I needed to express myself better, to speak my truth when I needed to because I was holding on to some pretty strong emotions.

For a very long time I wasn’t allowed to express my emotions, my frustrations and especially my anger towards a situation of abuse and oppression I was living. My non expressed emotions were still inhabiting my being, more importantly, blocking the smooth flow of energy in my body.

Unhealed hurts are open wounds that continue to deteriorate and flare up, causing emotional pain and suffering, sometimes physical discomfort and illness.

One of the most remarkable experiences I had releasing anger from my liver was through Qigong. I was committed to practicing it morning and  night every day for three months at first so I could learn a new technique to use in my practice. During one of my practices, maybe a couple of months into my new routine, I felt a huge amount of heat coming up from the core of my being. The anger started moving and the feelings were intense, my head hurt and the burning sensation within almost unbearable. I was tempted to stop the practice half way through, however my inner voice kept pushing me to finish it and release once and for all the energy that certainly wasn’t contributing to my personal growth and healing.

The energy of anger left my body and at that moment my being felt lighter and more at peace. I freed myself from the bondage of a past hurt, made space for a more loving energy to enter and my physical body definitely became happier.

The health of our liver reflects our overall health and well being.

The liver detoxifies, nourishes and stores blood. So, we must be careful and mindful with the food we put into our bodies, with our ability to express and release anger and how we manage stress. If we disregard the needs of the liver, we end up with symptoms very familiar to many of us: depression, mood swings, sighing, frustration, inappropriate anger, sensation of a lump in the throat, menstruation irregularities and cramps, headaches… to list some.


Please, remember that my intent with this blog is to bring more awareness about energy in the body and possible consequences if a blockage is present. The need to look for medical attention is still very important, especially in acute situations.

There are many paths one can take to release stored emotions in the body, make sure to find one that works for you and never compromise the growth of your soul and your inner peace.

Maria Helena Anderson

Here are some links you may find useful:




The Role of the Healer in the Healing Process

_6109913-as-Smart-Object-1When we prepare ourselves to give our client a massage/energy session is very important that we attune ourselves to the peaceful place within. In that space we are able to connect with the needs of the client. We don’t know the whole story behind a physical or emotional condition of a person so, we must be able to tap on our intuition to guide us with the flow of hands, proper pressure and environment comfort and even the words we speak.

We just can feel reverence, compassion and mercy  towards a client when the same feelings towards ourselves have been established within. We cannot give what we do not have inside.

We, as practitioners, must be attentive to the physical, emotional and mental state of our being before a session, if needed we must re-schedule a session if we feel our energy can be detrimental to the well being of a client or of our own .

It is not sufficient to find our passion and to work our way into this vast field of great magic and mysteries.

It is critical to know oneself and to be in touch with this incredible universe and with one another. We need to be able to dance the dance of the dual forces that live within each one of us, the dark and light, the “good’ and “bad”, the feminine and masculine, finding the harmony that allows us to be a vessel of great love and great harmony for our clients.

Now you know that a massage session is more than a series of techniques to release tension in the physical body, it is truly a deep connection between the client and practitioner, where energies of health and well being are channeled allowing the client to trigger within his/her body and mind its own healing abilities.


“The Qi in one person can support the harmony of Qi within another person. The good that a healer can do is to support this return to balance in another. The healer must always be aware of being a participant in a greater process, not the holder of the process.”

    ( Cindy Black-LAc, LMT, founder of the Big Tree School of Natural Healing).


With much love,


Maria Helena





Releasing Emotions During a Massage Session


After a massage session the body is working diligently to get rid itself of toxins. However, it may not be able to eliminate these substances fast enough.

Healing crisis is a natural process of the body to restore balance and health. Emotional release in the form of anger or sadness can happen, especially because most of us go through life suppressing emotions. By  doing that those emotions get trapped inside the body and with the help of body work they can be released.

All of those symptoms are natural and don’t necessarily happen to everybody or in every massage session.Take pressure as you feel it’s appropriate, no more, no less and make sure to breathe deeply while receiving a massage.

You might feel the urge to cry or to talk during a massage. By all means, don’t hold it in. It’s exactly at these moments that you allow the “gates” to be open and you give a chance to your body to heal and truly release whatever stress, old memories and emotions are stuck  within you.

Also, within a few days or weeks after you get a massage, you might even get an “aha” moment. This can happen when you feel more relaxed and blood and energy circulation are improved. A relaxed and healthy body, healthy brain, and healthy mind allow creative life to just flow naturally within you, so a world of possibilities can be within reach.

Make sure you feel safe with your massage therapist then you can trust that any emotional release will be recycled just in the massage room, your sanctuary, and whatever feelings need to be expressed, he/she will hold a loving space for you to let them go.

The healer within does all the work for you, if you allow it. Get your body and mind relaxed and healthy so you can really enjoy life!