Healing Properties of Crystals

When I was first introduced to crystals many years ago in Brazil, I was still a kid. The colors of crystals fascinated me, especially the purple ones.

After moving to the US my mom gifted my children with boxes filled with these beautiful and colorful stones. I was already in love with them and just the act of holding them made me feel good and I didn’t know why…

Medicine people and shamans around the world have been working with crystals for healing for thousands of years.

Crystals channel energy, they vibrate and hold heat and electricity. They increase the frequency of light passed through them and provide a stable flow of energy. This is possible, especially in crystals like Quartz, because of their lattice structure.

While the scientific community still struggles to prove things and answer whys, holistic healers all over the globe continue to use crystals to heal ailments, to relieve stress, to improve focus, to get rid of negative energies, to expedite recovery from the simplest to more complicated illnesses, to help with mental clarity, to open one’s heart for love, to bring peace to an environment and the list goes on.

It’s important to know that before we bring crystals into our lives we need to get personally acquainted to them. Which means to get to know them in a deep level. We need to hold them, to feel them and to notice any changes in our energy field and feelings.

Educating ourselves about the kind of crystals there are, their properties, how to care for them and the use of them on our daily lives will make it fun to know a little bit more about Gaia, Mother Earth, and the incredible gifts given to us, so many times forgotten and hidden behind our busy life and material distractions.

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