Hijacked Brains

It’s no news to any of us that our country and our world are suffering from an epidemic of sick brains.

Our brains haven’t been able to slow down, to think clearly, to ponder before making decisions, to remember simple tasks and even to rest. What happened ? Anxiety, Depression, Addictions… Mental Health Issues are growing exponentially over the past years.

Several years ago, during my training to become and Energy Healer I heard for the very first time about the “second brain” within our gut. I learned that our gut produces more serotonin(our happiness hormone) than our actual brain and there we also produce dopamine! So, if we really want to heal our brain, our emotions, balance our body chemistry, we must take care of our guts.

In a society where we have learned to microwave food to “save” us time, to eat highly processed foods, to raise animals as inhumanly as it can possibly be done (injecting hormones and all sorts of antibiotics in them…to later consume their flesh), to take short cuts to add nourishment to our bodies, it shouldn’t be any news that we are certainly paying the price for our choices. Unfortunately we are also victims of a world where we are as conditioned to do certain things and behave at a certain way, as our pets. Who hijacked our brains and our choices?

The answer is a bit complex, I believe, and I certainly don’t want to have the arrogance to say I have it, however I can offer you food for thought, so we can as a community, as humans with free will, strong determination and perseverance, take back our power to heal ourselves, our lives and the lives of our loved ones!

I remember when I lived in Brazil and was attending College (Business Administration) I was an assistant to professors who taught the nightly Extension Courses for Executives coming  from various high profile companies.

When Marketing was in the discussion, the question on how to bring customers to businesses was raised, of course. The professors explained how businesses (especially the food industry) had done profound studies on psychology of behavior, how to persuade customers through subliminal messages, though colors, sounds and speed of images that could create an “urge” to consume products advertised using the results found in these studies.

As smart human beings we want to believe we are, we know that this technique is used in any area we can possibly imagine nowadays, including the traditional health system. It has been using fear to convince us that we need certain medicines in order to be “saved” from the effects of diseases and many ailments that could be easily prevented by a balanced diet, regular exercises and meditation…and mind you: if we cared for the Earth, avoiding producing pollutants that are causing us so many of those diseases!

My intention with this blog is, as I said before in other posts,  to provoque thinking, to instigate questioning and getting us all out of our comfort zone. If we want real changes for us to live a healthier life, we ought to question the old ways of doing things.

Our crops and food system have been hijacked as well, by big corporations that spread harmful pesticides and chemicals in the food we eat. Naturally, overtime (some people don’t even need a long exposure to those dangerous chemicals to show symptoms) our bodies get sick. Knowing that Western Medicine doesn’t include Nutrition as a mandatory(or non mandatory) class for all those aspiring to be doctors, it can be very uncomfortable to ask doctors for help. How can a medical doctor help us fully and completely without knowing that food IS medicine as well? Please, don’t take me wrong, I am deeply grateful for Western doctors, my family and myself needed them countless times and had our well-being rescued because of their knowledge and expertise. Many doctors nowadays are incorporating holistic practices to their own practices and having great success and a much deeper impact in the lives of their patients. It won’t be much longer when we will see Western and Eastern medical practices integrated (one of my highest hopes in this life!).

So, our journey to take back our power to heal ourselves starts when we decide to question, when we decide that our lives are sacred(as are the lives of any human being on Earth) and we decide to learn all about our bodies. Learning about our family history, the diseases and silenced emotional traumas passed on generation after generation, the habits inherited, the prejudices and judgements passed on generation after generation will take us into a journey of profound self discovery.

What if the parts of us that are hurting, are sick, are lonely, are deprived were a byproduct of family history and the collective consciousness of the place we were born at, at that particular time?

What if at any given time brains have been always hijacked and deprived to be plugged in directly to Source(to the Divine, to God)? Maybe if each one of us learns how to truly take better care of ourselves and of others, we will be able to recover our brain health and life, achieve our full potential and  to love one another!

Much love, health and peace to all,

Maria Helena Anderson

Check out the video bellow, you might find it incredibly helpful on your journey. Also check the website  TATLIFE.com. TAT(TAPAS ACUPRESSURE TECHNIQUE) is an amazing technique to release trauma and so much more from your life and body!





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