The Magic of Healing with Movement of Qi

I remember the very first time I felt the Qi(pronounced “chee”) between the palms of my hands. It was during an evaluation class for a particular yoga training when I lived in Colorado. I was guided by my yoga and energy healing instructor to a series of exercises, who told me to clap my hands, rub them together and with my eyes closed, to move my hands closer and apart, closer and apart without touching them. It was a WOW experience for me because I think it was the very first time in my life I understood the impermanence and malleability of energy (aka feelings, emotions, pain and circumstances). It was as simple as that.

The curiosity and awe of manipulating energy became a passion for me. It was through personal empiric “therapy” that I could testify that the world we live in is a fascinating and magical one, made with all sorts of energy: sticky, hard, gentle, light, fluid, heavy, cotton-like, cold, warm, colorful and whatever else our own senses can feel. Something that was not new at all to all the sages that have walked on this Earth in a physical form before us and tirelessly have been sharing such wisdom with all those ready to learn. Some of these sages no longer have a physical body and yet keep emanating their wisdom to us, when we tune in to the same frequency as the knowledge they want to convey.

What if at this challenging time on Earth we could learn to be deeply in touch with our own energy, moving it and strengthening so our physical bodies get stronger to ride the current storm.

The energies that live within and around us, the atoms that form a person or a particular object, plant, or animal have been around for thousands (maybe even millions) of years. In a constant dance, energies can express solidity (like in a chair, for example) or lightness and joy (for example, when babies are happy and giggling).

As we inhabit a human body on this earth it is critical we understand the equipment and its “commands”. The signals and commands our brain send to the rest of our body can determine the intensity of our reaction to life events and with that create an imprint on our energy field (remember, energy is within and in the aura around us).

During this time on Earth humanity is dealing with a pandemic. The coronavirus is affecting the lives of all human beings on the planet and each individual reaction to it shapes the waves and quality of energies for the self and all those around. The vibration of the matrix we are all connected to is currently being shaped by our emotions and vibration in reaction to this crisis. We have a tremendous opportunity in this moment to bring forth from within the best qualities innate to all human beings: unconditional love, compassion, care, altruism, kindness, generosity to one another and with that help raise the vibration in the matrix with more love, health, peace and abundance.

Of course, it would take a much lengthier article if we were to explain in detail how energy works (I recommend you check the work of Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton PhD for more scientific and deeper explanation).

When we make the time to be observers of our own personal energy (we can use our emotional triggers to gauge), our thoughts and reactions to life’s events, then we can be active participants in moving and healing our energy.

“The moment a person chooses to move their own energy, they awaken the healer within them. Every cell in your body is energy. You are an energy being and you can transform your own energy.” Master Chunyi Lin (Spring Forest QiGong)

In Qigong practice we use movements of the body to move the internal Qi and with that improve our health and immunity.

Master Chunyi Lin (Spring Forest QiGong) suggests at this moment that we take 10 minutes a day to do 2 movements from the 5 Element Healing Movement. These particular movements activate and strengthen our immune system and the energies of the lung meridian.


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IMG_4419 2

If you are having a hard time centering your energy, a good mix of essential oils might help you feel more grounded: 2 drops of a carrier oil (jojoba, almond or fractionated coconut), 3 drops of lavender essential oil, 5 drops of grapefruit essential oil and 4 drops of cedar wood essential oil. Mix them in a bottle (preferably dark) and shake well. You can apply it on your chest and on the soles of your feet for a grounding and peaceful feeling.

At this moment our studio will be closed until it is safe again for our community to be close together and restart our routines.

Be safe, be well, be love.

Please, reach out if there is anything I can help you with.


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