Massage and Intuitive Touch for Healing

When my first child was born, almost 20 years ago, I came across a brochure about Shantala massage for babies, a legacy of the Hindu and Ayurvedic medicine traditions.

My son was just about a couple of months old and I’ve decided to try Shantala on him. I was also a sales representative for the company that manufactured the oil and it was important to me to know what the new product was about.

My bedroom was warm and cozy as I prepared a small tub with warm water for the baby’s bath,  towels were placed over my legs, where the baby was going to be massaged while soft music made the energy in the room really loving. I talked softly to my son while following the directions from the brochure, until I  didn’t need directions any more. My hands just slid gently over his little body and his face showed absolute contentment!

After the massage was done, the warm water relaxed the baby even more. I fed him and he slept for hours, peaceful and tranquil. A routine kept for many months, adapted as he grew older and repeated to my other two children. Massage had entered my life to stay.

While touch is very natural in my Latino culture, that kind of touch was different, it transcended words. It was truly a connection from soul to soul and pure love was the bond.

As a professional we have learned  different massage strokes and  a variety of massage techniques, however it’s when  we let our own intuition be the guide that there is true reverence for the being in front of us and a deeper understanding of his/ hers needs naturally happens. It’s when trust is established that the body can fully relax and feel replenished once again.

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