Massage to Clear the Mind

Stress is one of the main causes of diseases and lack of anger management. Knowing that losing control of our emotions can cost us relationships, jobs, and even our health might be a good start to look for healthy ways to cope with stress.

Muscle tension happens every time we feel stressed and angry, limiting the amount of oxygen flowing through our body, especially to our brains. That’s why we feel that is hard to make a decision and think clearly.

I personally feel tremendous stress at the end of school year when my children are about to get out for summer break and the expectations seem to swallow me. Anxiety grows as everything happens at once and the feeling takes over my being. Deep breathing works well for the unwinding process to get started.

It might be a good idea to take a note of our triggers of stress and gradually add new habits to cope with it.

Increased tension makes us incapable of thinking with a clear mind to reach out for the right tool at a moment of stress. I feel that after a massage session the emotional release is incredibly quick after the balance of the body, mind and emotions is reached. The soothing and tranquil environment and the sound of soft music slows down my thinking, the fresh scent of oils soothes and involves me with peace. The mind gets unclouded and I can have a fresh perspective of my life’s situation .

The problems and issues that cause us anxiety and tension won’t be dissolved in a massage table, however the stress triggered by them will certainly be controlled more effectively and the massage will make us mentally and physically more relaxed and capable of dealing with the problems with more self confidence and assertiveness.

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