Massage to Aid Resilience in Times of Change

It’s hard to deny that the times we are living in right now are times of great transformation, not only in the planet, but mostly in personal and familial lives, the true root of what we see reflected in the world outside of us.

Because the unexpected happens more often than we are prepared for, it is really critical that we cultivate good personal habits to deal with stress of any kind, be it a loss, illness, financial issues, break up of a relationship or anything we could think of that makes us feel unsafe.

As obvious as it is to say that we store emotions, good or bad, in our bodies and minds after any given experience, we could easily get the conclusion that working these parts of our beings could offer some relief during challenging times. However, very few of us allow time to make the connection between body, mind and soul, unfortunately delaying self help and greatly increasing the symptoms of distress.

Before any stress in the body and mind has time to be transformed in a more serious illness or chronic problem, we have time to answer the body’s call for adjustment, be it in a form of a new diet, new exercise routine, or breaking old habits that we know deep inside might be harming our well being.

The shoulder tension and headaches, the heaviness in the chest and difficult breathing, insomnia and overall aches in the body can be relieved and addressed during a massage session. At that time the focus is the body and mind. Nothing else should matter. You can use that time to practice mindful breathing and with the help of your therapist, gently guide the tension out of your system, creating space for fresh energy and clarity of mind to deal with whatever comes your way.

If we want and are willing to rise above circumstances, it is imperative that we make the inner connection integrating all parts of our being.

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