Welcome 2016!

Welcome 2016!

As the new year shows its light and promises, let’s be mindful of the importance of our well being. If our body and mind are in check, delving into the realm of our dreams becomes a much more fun and easy experience. Let’s be proactive with the health of our hearts, bodies, and minds.

Be more positive in the information you choose to read and watch, push the stop button whenever you feel the need to–remember, you are in control.

Hopefully this will be the year you are able to make meditation and massage part of your regular routine! If you are thinking of giving up on that, I wish you to give it one more try…and another, and another…

Learn to love unconditionally. Accept challenges as a way to help you grow. Make important decisions only when you can realign yourself with the peaceful inner part of you.

When you feel that you need a little help to take care of your body and feel relaxed and re-centered, give me a call and schedule a visit.

I would love to hold that space of peace and calmness for you!


Maria Helena


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