Happy New Year!

My wish for you in 2019 is that you experience peace and happiness.

Life has no guarantees, the story can change at any time, so why waste time trying to control others and everything else? The energy spent on control robs us from our very true nature.

Instead, try saving your energy to meditate, to go with the flow of Nature, and if you feel stuck…use that pause button to bring light to that moment so you can heal whatever it is that needs healing and move forward once again.

Mother Earth is compassionate and merciful and just knows what we, humans, consider to be “miracles”. Last week when I was driving to my practice I looked at the mountains burned by the recent fires and the “miracle” of life is already happening … a layer of new grass is starting to cover up the burnt patches, like velvet. Isn’t that amazing? So, new life is always growing from inside of us, if we let it, if we nourish ourselves with love and care. That’s the Divine Law!

I wish that in 2019 the brave nature of your soul carry you with courage and perseverance on your journey. May you be capable to silence the inner chatter and listen to the “call”.

I truly believe that all of us, no exception, were born with gifts for this world , but we first must listen to the voice and messages of our souls, our “calls”.

The secret to pick up the call for me has been for a long while , my breathing, my inner journey. I found a place deep in my heart, my happy place, my peaceful place, my recharging place and the most grounded part of me…my home. A well of joy that can spring at any time(for no apparent reason) I take the courage to take the journey, despite the difficulties caused by the circumstances that surround me at any given moment. My home has helped me to not walk stray from my path. It is my North Star.

Certainly this inner journey must be a habit each one of us must create, it takes time and commitment.

Yes, it does take time, but it is so worth it! I promise!

On my most recent Energy Healing training a couple of months ago our teacher guided us through some Qigong exercises and a meditation. We finish it with our hands crossed in front of our hearts (the seat of our souls) and we asked “ My soul, what do you want? My soul, what do you want?…” After repeating that question for a while, peace took over and messages floated freely from within. Certainly a profound experience that I sincerely wish to all.

The journey might require from us a little disconnect from our world of appearance. It might require from us to face with loving courage the habits that have been harming us, habits that try to drown the sorrow and anxiety from within.

The world is eagerly awaiting our awakening!

I love you, truly do! Thank you for sharing your gift with me and this world!


Maria Helena

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