Our Soul Craves to Express Itself Creatively

All of us, human beings, were born with something greater within.
Some call it a spark of the Divine, some call it simply spirit, some like to name it…Soul.

However we choose to name this beautiful and lively part of us, we need to remember that it needs special attention. It needs nurturing, it needs silence and a fertile soil where it can blossom.

When we allow ourselves to express what is yearning to come out from us to the outside world, without judgement, without expecting recognition, is when we can truly shine from the inside out.

When we dance, when we cook a meal, when we write a poem, when we paint, when we make music, when we draw…when we do anything, and we do it with love, we are creating. We don’t need to follow a recipe, we don’t need approval from anyone, we just need to listen to the heart and do it. It feels like an explosion of joy and the divine spark from within us is lighting up the world outside as well.

We don’t necessarily need to make a living out of our own creations; however, we certainly will be able to make living a more fulfilling experience just by allowing our Souls to express themselves.

The untouched artist from within us all just needs a little push and the time is NOW. When we all together allow this light to shine through us, we will be building a better world.
A new world of beauty, love, tolerance, compassion and peace…a healed world.

“The antidote for sadness and boredom is creativity. No matter what, it is within us waiting to be born.
Art is the bridge between the mind and the Soul.
Creativity is the optimal function of the sensitive Soul.
Cultivate the Soul, and creativity and art will take care of themselves.”
Paul Heussenstamm ( from the book “Divine Forces- Art that Awakens the Soul”)

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