The Biggest Little Farm

We are going to kick off the Documentaries Series at our Studio with the screening of this amazing, inspiring and informative documentary, The Biggest Little Farm.

I am a strong believer that knowledge is  power and the more we educate ourselves in relation to issues that affect us all directly: health, healing, environment, the more prepared we are to make positive changes in our personal lives that will certainly impact our home, our community and our country.

Please, save your spot online (since space is limited) and join us this Saturday, November 14th at 4pm, to watch this fascinating documentary! if you already have seen it,come again! You might be surprised with the new facts you will discover.

When you go to the website, scroll down until you reach Schedulicity. The link will  be under “classes”.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you cannot figure it out.


Looking forward to a fun time together!


Maria Helena Anderson

Hijacked Brains

It’s no news to any of us that our country and our world are suffering from an epidemic of sick brains.

Our brains haven’t been able to slow down, to think clearly, to ponder before making decisions, to remember simple tasks and even to rest. What happened ? Anxiety, Depression, Addictions… Mental Health Issues are growing exponentially over the past years.

Several years ago, during my training to become and Energy Healer I heard for the very first time about the “second brain” within our gut. I learned that our gut produces more serotonin(our happiness hormone) than our actual brain and there we also produce dopamine! So, if we really want to heal our brain, our emotions, balance our body chemistry, we must take care of our guts.

In a society where we have learned to microwave food to “save” us time, to eat highly processed foods, to raise animals as inhumanly as it can possibly be done (injecting hormones and all sorts of antibiotics in them…to later consume their flesh), to take short cuts to add nourishment to our bodies, it shouldn’t be any news that we are certainly paying the price for our choices. Unfortunately we are also victims of a world where we are as conditioned to do certain things and behave at a certain way, as our pets. Who hijacked our brains and our choices?

The answer is a bit complex, I believe, and I certainly don’t want to have the arrogance to say I have it, however I can offer you food for thought, so we can as a community, as humans with free will, strong determination and perseverance, take back our power to heal ourselves, our lives and the lives of our loved ones!

I remember when I lived in Brazil and was attending College (Business Administration) I was an assistant to professors who taught the nightly Extension Courses for Executives coming  from various high profile companies.

When Marketing was in the discussion, the question on how to bring customers to businesses was raised, of course. The professors explained how businesses (especially the food industry) had done profound studies on psychology of behavior, how to persuade customers through subliminal messages, though colors, sounds and speed of images that could create an “urge” to consume products advertised using the results found in these studies.

As smart human beings we want to believe we are, we know that this technique is used in any area we can possibly imagine nowadays, including the traditional health system. It has been using fear to convince us that we need certain medicines in order to be “saved” from the effects of diseases and many ailments that could be easily prevented by a balanced diet, regular exercises and meditation…and mind you: if we cared for the Earth, avoiding producing pollutants that are causing us so many of those diseases!

My intention with this blog is, as I said before in other posts,  to provoque thinking, to instigate questioning and getting us all out of our comfort zone. If we want real changes for us to live a healthier life, we ought to question the old ways of doing things.

Our crops and food system have been hijacked as well, by big corporations that spread harmful pesticides and chemicals in the food we eat. Naturally, overtime (some people don’t even need a long exposure to those dangerous chemicals to show symptoms) our bodies get sick. Knowing that Western Medicine doesn’t include Nutrition as a mandatory(or non mandatory) class for all those aspiring to be doctors, it can be very uncomfortable to ask doctors for help. How can a medical doctor help us fully and completely without knowing that food IS medicine as well? Please, don’t take me wrong, I am deeply grateful for Western doctors, my family and myself needed them countless times and had our well-being rescued because of their knowledge and expertise. Many doctors nowadays are incorporating holistic practices to their own practices and having great success and a much deeper impact in the lives of their patients. It won’t be much longer when we will see Western and Eastern medical practices integrated (one of my highest hopes in this life!).

So, our journey to take back our power to heal ourselves starts when we decide to question, when we decide that our lives are sacred(as are the lives of any human being on Earth) and we decide to learn all about our bodies. Learning about our family history, the diseases and silenced emotional traumas passed on generation after generation, the habits inherited, the prejudices and judgements passed on generation after generation will take us into a journey of profound self discovery.

What if the parts of us that are hurting, are sick, are lonely, are deprived were a byproduct of family history and the collective consciousness of the place we were born at, at that particular time?

What if at any given time brains have been always hijacked and deprived to be plugged in directly to Source(to the Divine, to God)? Maybe if each one of us learns how to truly take better care of ourselves and of others, we will be able to recover our brain health and life, achieve our full potential and  to love one another!

Much love, health and peace to all,

Maria Helena Anderson

Check out the video bellow, you might find it incredibly helpful on your journey. Also check the website TAT(TAPAS ACUPRESSURE TECHNIQUE) is an amazing technique to release trauma and so much more from your life and body!




Why Healing With Sounds?

Why healing with sounds? Because we are vibrational beings, with energy pulsating in and all around us.

According to Jonathan Goldman, director of the Sound Healers Association,  “people have been using mantras and others sounds for various types of healing and consciousness shifts for thousands of years in different traditions”. Shamans have used drumming, rattling, chanting, instrumental music and other sounds techniques as its primary tools for healing.

OM tuning forks

I have been using in my practice, for several years now, sounds in combination with body work. What I see the majority of my clients experience, specially after certain tuning forks are played around the head, is a great sense of calmness, clarity and harmony( as long as there is silence and focus during the experience).

I recently acquired a hand hammered Tibetan singing bowl from Nepal. The sound and vibration are very powerful! Hope you get to experience it soon and give me your feedback.

Pineal Gland Tuning Fork used in my practice

The ancient mystics have told us that everything is in a state of vibration, every organ, every bone, every tissue, every system of the body is creating a sound. Modern science is now in agreement with that…finally! What to do when we have this information?

When I was a little girl, growing up in Brazil, I loved dancing to the samba, the beats of the drums made me feel amazing.  I could feel the vibration on the floor coming up in my body through the soles of my feet (dancing barefoot has always been my favorite!) and after a few minutes whatever tension, anxiety and fears I felt, would be gone from my body and my being, even if temporarily. Many times it felt like I didn’t even have a body, I was part of all things and all things were  part of me.

Until today I use dancing to the drums to create vibration in my body and reestablish more harmony and peace in my inner being, especially before giving any massage and energy treatment.

“Modern Science is finally recognizing that energy constitutes the blueprint of the physical body.Meanwhile, the energetic vibration of sound can be used to change that blueprint in ways that foster health and well being.” Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine.

If we accept that every part of the body has its specific vibration, specific frequency, we can imagine that an organ in the body that is in a state of disharmony might work more like an instrument* out of tune, right?

What if we could tune up the body as a whole, so each player, each part of the body could “play” again, in harmony with all the other players and a sense of well being be reestablished in the body?

Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. is a clinical professor of medicine at Weill-Cornell Medical College and founder of Gaynor Integrative Oncology in New York City. He is also the author of “The Healing Power of Sound: recovery from Life-Threatening Illness Using Sound, Voice and Music”. Dr. Gaynor tells that his success in treating patients with various forms of cancer has improved markedly since he began having his patients chant mantras while listening to the sound of singing bowls.

It is critical to mention that as each part of the body has its frequency so does the food we feed our bodies.

The “movement” pro organic food educates us on the importance of consuming more living foods, it also urges us to consume less animal products(if any at all, since animals are also vibrating to the level of care they are subjected to) and less processed foods. This shift in consciousness came as a direct result of the huge number of diseases of the body and mind in mankind, and also due the increasing destruction and consequent imbalance of Mother Nature and all living beings on Earth.

Tools like tuning forks, singing bowls, crystals (that are found in great abundance on Earth for every vibration of our bodies) and even a well calibrated human body that touches us can influence the whole vibration of our bodies, working as a “tuning fork”, that is what we, healers, intend to do at every session.

Our embodied presence on Earth directly impacts every life. The harmony or lack of in the “orchestra of living beings” played in our planet can be changed by each and everyone of us, the musicians. We are elevating together the consciousness of our planet as each one of us chooses to tune up the body, mind and soul.


Maria Helena








Turmeric: a Must Know Healing Spice

When my family and I lived in Colorado, several years ago, I had the privilege to be introduced  to Ayurvedic Medicine and its amazing healing spices and herbs.

 One spice that I didn’t use in my Colorado years is now my favorite Healing Spice : TurmericDr. Nita Desai was my holly messenger and became my family’s doctor. I got to learn a little more about what India, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, had known, for thousands of years, about natural healing.

I was introduced to herbs and spices that help to relieve common problems in today’s world: digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, depression among many others.

My work can be very demanding physically, as you can imagine. Therefore it is critical that my physical condition, as well as my energy are in balance.

However, in the past year I had noticed that every morning my body was achy, since I don’t buy the idea that pain and discomfort are natural as we age (way too many people have proven that with proper care, the temple of our souls will stay strong and can be pain free), I started to observe my body more closely. As soon as I did my yoga or Qigong routine the aches would go away, but the fact that right after getting up I was in pain, bothered me.

It was after I started drinking warm water, turmeric(with a pinch of black pepper) and lemon in the morning that a shift happened. Maybe within a couple of weeks the body aches were completely gone.

Turmeric, traditionally used in all kinds of curry, contains curcumin.

Curcumin is the compound that makes turmeric yellow and also is the most researched constituent of the herb. Besides not having any known toxicity, curcumin is mainly responsible for turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties.

It has been used successfully to treat: digestive issues, skin diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, cholesterol imbalance, asthma, wounds and so many more.

The main reason I decided to write about turmeric and its amazing health benefits is the increasing number of clients that are currently experiencing arthritis’s symptoms. It called my attention that numerous clients have been in so much pain and discomfort that in most cases the traditional medical approach has used all it knows and the only thing left to be used is the Cortizone injections. Besides not having any guarantees on the results of the injections, they have been just a palliative care, never a cure of the condition.

I believe that is important for each one of us as individuals,  sole possessors of our bodies to, whenever possible, take charge of our own health.

When Western medicine cannot help us without creating more energetic and physical imbalances in our system we can always look deeper within and maybe find answers in the wisdom of the sages and healers that came before us, using Nature as the most potent medicine there is.

Once again my intention with my articles is to instigate curiosity and thinking and maybe together find alternative ways to relieve any suffering, be it physical, mental or spiritual. That being said, please consult with your doctor or health care practitioner before taking any new herb or natural supplements.

You can take a look at Dr. Nita Desai’s work if you are interested to know how this ancient wisdom can help us  bring back harmony and health into our lives.



In health and peace,

Maria Helena Anderson



When the World Has Gone Crazy

If the world has gone crazy, we don’t need to.
And there we are, all together, all(most of us) wanting the same: peace, happiness, love, abundance, health and joy…if all human beings can have that, safety is a given.
How can we keep ourselves grounded in our utmost values? How can we not sway in many directions contributing to the chaos around us?

We must remember who we are! We must rescue deep within our hearts our inner power and use it for good.

 I remember when after my training to be an energy healer, several years ago in Sedona, I came home fired up to share with my family, friends and with the world, all that I had learned about our energy body. I learned and experienced first hand the incredible power we all hold within ourselves. It was amazing! And I was just getting in touch with a tiny little part of this vast world of energy.

Emmanuel Dagher

A couple years after my Sedona experience I started working as an energy healer at a Spa in Westlake Village, here in Southern California. I had the opportunity to have “disguised” as clients, some of my greatest teachers. A privilege and honor that I cherish until today, especially because at that time, my personal life was about to go through a long and painful period of great turmoil.

During my darkest and challenging times I was rescued and supported by all those that were embodying love. Especially my yoga masters, that literally fed me, treated my vulnerable emotional and physical bodies, loved me unconditionally and pushed me to train more, to be stronger, to be in silence, to not duel in my past, to focus all my energy in each and every moment I was living, to act out of wisdom and love. One of the most important lessons I have learned is: if I want to experience true power, I have to open my heart to love, to love myself unconditionally so I can love others.
“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word” (Martin Luther King Jr)
A little story(real one) to illustrate it:

One of my clients/teacher was a ballerina. Her feet were very hurt, so was her heart. She was struggling with her divorce and the fact that her children had chosen to stay with their father. Her anger was great and I could feel it intensely. She wasn’t dancing much at that time, even though dancing was her passion. She was mostly trying to regroup and find peace within.

After a few weeks as I walked by the resting area in the spa I spotted my client. Her face, her body and her whole being were different. Everything was glowing, being in her presence felt wonderful. I said ” You look great! Where are you coming from?”. Smiling she said ” I was dancing!”.

Oh my! She was dancing! And all of the sudden the whole space in and around her vibrated love, simply because she loves dancing. I never saw that client again, but I do hope she kept dancing as much as possible so she could find the answers she was looking for. By doing so, she would elevate not only herself, but all those around her.

           And that’s the way we can go about in a world that has gone crazy!

Sometimes we may feel discouraged, we may feel that it is hard to keep up the optimism, the positivity and the hope. If that is the case, let’s make a simple list of coping tools that can be used:  a silent walk in nature is very healing, speaking our truth lightens up the heart, standing up for what we believe in is liberating and lifts  our spirits, giving a donation or volunteering. You can think of many little things that might have helped you in the past and add to your list.

“When we do good deeds, we’re rewarded by a dopamine pulse. It’s clear that helping others, even if it is just volunteering for several hours every week, makes people’s moods improve.” (bioethicist Stephen G. Post, PhD)

Receive a massage so you can push the pause button of your mind, at least momentarily, increase dopamine and serotonin(our happy, feel good hormones) and  show up for the Earth. Together we can magnify the love our loving Mother needs so desperately now, so she can survive.

Peace and Love to all,

Maria Helena Anderson

If the stress is too intense, remember that we are here for one another, so reach out. I share some links you may find helpful:



Food Matters

As we have been walking together the road towards great health and well being, I would like to share with you a documentary that came across my path years ago and once again this past week.

The documentary is called Food Matters. Probably some of you already saw it and hopefully felt somehow inspired by its key message. Anything that can motivate us to make changes to a healthier and positive lifestyle, we most likely will welcome into our lives, don’t you agree?

I was blessed to have my husband (an incredibly gifted and creative Vegan Chef) and 3 of my kids ( 2 teenagers and a 10 year old ) to join me to watch it again and talk about it. I believe it’s critical to involve our children and loved ones in our quest to improve our physical, mental and  emotional health. Knowledge indeed is power!

Since a very early age I remember my mother repeatedly talking about the importance of education in our lives. An education that makes you use your critical thinking and question answers given in the form of: “that’s the way it is, that’s the way it has been for a very long time, that’s the way science has proven so far”, might open your mind to a point of “no return”.   🙂

I guess it’s fair to say that the documentary will educate you (or at least intrigue you) and probably you might ask yourself  “How we, humans, allowed our own race to take this path of self destruction? “

 I hope you accept my  invitation to carve some time to watch it, to explore and maybe give yourself a chance to embrace something “new”.  Something that might make you feel so good and hopeful that you will finally feel that you can take your own power back. The power to decide how you want to live your life and how you want to take care of yourself. When you glow, you rise up the vibration of our planet!  Take others with you, the ride will be way more fun.

Michael Bernard Beckwith

You can transform your life through one positive change at the time, one day at the time…accepting the frustrations and challenges, that you might encounter, as opportunities to become a stronger human being! With gentleness, patience, immense love and respect for your life and for the lives of others.


Take a look at the website where you can find great inspiration to start a brand new chapter in your life:

*Food Matters

*Hungry for Change (another terrific documentary)

In love and health,

Maria Helena