Happy Thanksgiving

I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

In life sometimes we can feel that is very difficult to open up our hearts to gratitude. Gratitude in energy healing is like a magic potion, that calibrates the heart to its highest vibration. Therefore, aligning our whole being to Heaven and Earth at the same time.

2020 will be a year that we will remember and write about for a very long time. It has been a year of great challenges, sorrow, big shifts and beginning of transformation in society as we know it, and certainly a great shift and awakening for most of us as we experience life as humans.

Even facing all these challenges, and pain, and sorrow, every day there is a breath within us, there is light coming through our eyes. We still can see the beauty and the amazing miracles on Earth: hummingbirds tirelessly flapping their wings and kissing the flowers, the white snow covering the mountains and the deer family that comes to visit the backyard of some lucky ones (just dreaming a little from when my family and I lived in New Jersey ūüėČ ), the blue sky and the fluffy clouds (we can even pretend to reach one cloud with our fingers and feel its coolness and soft texture). There is joy and contentment in living a life of simplicity and clarity.¬†

I wish that in this Thanksgiving we all can hold both our hands in prayer for the many blessings we each wake up for every single day and with that feeling of gratitude send this love and this light to anyone you know might benefit from it. It can be a  family member, a friend, it can be your community, it can be the whole world. Pure love from the heart, travels hundreds of thousands of miles, it travels the seemingly impenetrable door and walls of the world and people. It is fire, it is light, it is pure healing.

If you can feel this fire in your heart, share it, spread it, because there are so many out there, that can use just a little more light to ignite their own fire and inner power to rise above!

I love you and am deeply grateful for you. I also am so very grateful that despite the pain for the losses my family had this year, the memories and love of those that are no longer on this Earthly plane, transcend the physical and will forever be part of us.

Maria Helena Corrêa Anderson

Happy Thanksgiving!

When my family and I¬† moved¬† from Brazil to the US,¬† 21 years ago, I didn’t understand quite well the importance of the Thanksgiving holiday to the American culture.

In the first years my family was invited to join our friends’s families to share the meal and simply be together. The holiday started to grown on me, not exactly by the history of it, but for what it meant to the families here in our country.

I remember the feeling of joy and happiness during the gatherings. Some of our friends were  involved in volunteering to serve meals to those that were going through difficult times, many homeless.

It dawned on me that even though each one of us certainly has so much to be grateful for, there are times in our lives when trials happen (or are in motion) around the holiday celebration. So, for those of us that can celebrate fully the holidays in gratitude and love, it is important to pass on the light, be it in a thought form, a written message, a warm hug  or a prayer.

Those around us and those that we come in contact with will benefit from our positive energies and might be able to find just the strength and courage they need at that moment.

The sharing of the good in our lives has been to me a constant source of inspiration,  a way of living.

Wherever you are in your life at this moment know that you can be the receiver of the vibrations emanated from happy and grateful gatherings or you can be the giver. The¬† “feeling good” energy¬† will travel, will ripple¬† and find just the right hearts to uplift, to comfort and to love.

I have been in both ends…the receiver and the giver and am certain this may be true to many of us. I thank those that held a space of love and gratitude for me and my family when we needed the most and wholehearted today I share¬† the blessings received¬† to all out there in need of this love and light.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Much love,

Maria Helena Anderson




Happy New Year!


            Wishing you a year filled with health, love, peace, joy and prosperity!

Happy 2017!



    Looking forward to seeing you more often!

Much love and gratitude for your light and presence in my life,

        Maria Helena Anderson