The Role of the Healer in the Healing Process

_6109913-as-Smart-Object-1When we prepare ourselves to give our client a massage/energy session is very important that we attune ourselves to the peaceful place within. In that space we are able to connect with the needs of the client. We don’t know the whole story behind a physical or emotional condition of a person so, we must be able to tap on our intuition to guide us with the flow of hands, proper pressure and environment comfort and even the words we speak.

We just can feel reverence, compassion and mercy  towards a client when the same feelings towards ourselves have been established within. We cannot give what we do not have inside.

We, as practitioners, must be attentive to the physical, emotional and mental state of our being before a session, if needed we must re-schedule a session if we feel our energy can be detrimental to the well being of a client or of our own .

It is not sufficient to find our passion and to work our way into this vast field of great magic and mysteries.

It is critical to know oneself and to be in touch with this incredible universe and with one another. We need to be able to dance the dance of the dual forces that live within each one of us, the dark and light, the “good’ and “bad”, the feminine and masculine, finding the harmony that allows us to be a vessel of great love and great harmony for our clients.

Now you know that a massage session is more than a series of techniques to release tension in the physical body, it is truly a deep connection between the client and practitioner, where energies of health and well being are channeled allowing the client to trigger within his/her body and mind its own healing abilities.


“The Qi in one person can support the harmony of Qi within another person. The good that a healer can do is to support this return to balance in another. The healer must always be aware of being a participant in a greater process, not the holder of the process.”

    ( Cindy Black-LAc, LMT, founder of the Big Tree School of Natural Healing).


With much love,


Maria Helena





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