Releasing Emotions During a Massage Session


After a massage session the body is working diligently to get rid itself of toxins. However, it may not be able to eliminate these substances fast enough.

Healing crisis is a natural process of the body to restore balance and health. Emotional release in the form of anger or sadness can happen, especially because most of us go through life suppressing emotions. By  doing that those emotions get trapped inside the body and with the help of body work they can be released.

All of those symptoms are natural and don’t necessarily happen to everybody or in every massage session.Take pressure as you feel it’s appropriate, no more, no less and make sure to breathe deeply while receiving a massage.

You might feel the urge to cry or to talk during a massage. By all means, don’t hold it in. It’s exactly at these moments that you allow the “gates” to be open and you give a chance to your body to heal and truly release whatever stress, old memories and emotions are stuck  within you.

Also, within a few days or weeks after you get a massage, you might even get an “aha” moment. This can happen when you feel more relaxed and blood and energy circulation are improved. A relaxed and healthy body, healthy brain, and healthy mind allow creative life to just flow naturally within you, so a world of possibilities can be within reach.

Make sure you feel safe with your massage therapist then you can trust that any emotional release will be recycled just in the massage room, your sanctuary, and whatever feelings need to be expressed, he/she will hold a loving space for you to let them go.

The healer within does all the work for you, if you allow it. Get your body and mind relaxed and healthy so you can really enjoy life!




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