The Ripple Effect of Our Well Being

Do you remember the last time you felt really good?

Remember how it was so easy to smile, to hug someone and to even not bother when a car just cut you off on the freeway? Remember that you complimented your child for being able to finish the homework without asking for help and your child smiled the biggest smile ever, so happy for having her/his effort recognized ?

When I started taking yoga classes several years back I remember the amazing feeling welling up from within. I would come home for my family more loving, more patient and even the food I cooked tasted better. My work was done with so much less effort. I experienced the same feeling after taking a nice walk in nature and literally smelling the roses in the bushes. The feeling was also there when I came home tired from work and took a cat nap on my couch, not worrying about anything but honoring my body’s needs.

My children were happier because I was happy. They were more peaceful because I was more peaceful. They were more loving because I was more loving ( ok…discount a little during their teenager years).

It might not be possible to find ourselves in that state all the time, however when feelings, tempers and everything else in our lives seem to be astray, it’s important to remember the feeling good feeling and how much it affects not only ourselves , but everyone around us. Feeling good helps us to really dwell in the present moment acknowledging that the moment is our only reality and everything else can wait. Remember the things you love to do and bring you joy, put away the excuses and go for it.


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