The Magic of Healing with Movement of Qi

I remember the very first time I felt the Qi(pronounced “chee”) between the palms of my hands. It was during an evaluation class for a particular yoga training when I lived in Colorado. I was guided by my yoga and energy healing instructor to a series of exercises, who told me to clap my hands, rub them together and with my eyes closed, to move my hands closer and apart, closer and apart without touching them. It was a WOW experience for me because I think it was the very first time in my life I understood the impermanence and malleability of energy (aka feelings, emotions, pain and circumstances). It was as simple as that.

The curiosity and awe of manipulating energy became a passion for me. It was through personal empiric “therapy” that I could testify that the world we live in is a fascinating and magical one, made with all sorts of energy: sticky, hard, gentle, light, fluid, heavy, cotton-like, cold, warm, colorful and whatever else our own senses can feel. Something that was not new at all to all the sages that have walked on this Earth in a physical form before us and tirelessly have been sharing such wisdom with all those ready to learn. Some of these sages no longer have a physical body and yet keep emanating their wisdom to us, when we tune in to the same frequency as the knowledge they want to convey.

What if at this challenging time on Earth we could learn to be deeply in touch with our own energy, moving it and strengthening so our physical bodies get stronger to ride the current storm.

The energies that live within and around us, the atoms that form a person or a particular object, plant, or animal have been around for thousands (maybe even millions) of years. In a constant dance, energies can express solidity (like in a chair, for example) or lightness and joy (for example, when babies are happy and giggling).

As we inhabit a human body on this earth it is critical we understand the equipment and its “commands”. The signals and commands our brain send to the rest of our body can determine the intensity of our reaction to life events and with that create an imprint on our energy field (remember, energy is within and in the aura around us).

During this time on Earth humanity is dealing with a pandemic. The coronavirus is affecting the lives of all human beings on the planet and each individual reaction to it shapes the waves and quality of energies for the self and all those around. The vibration of the matrix we are all connected to is currently being shaped by our emotions and vibration in reaction to this crisis. We have a tremendous opportunity in this moment to bring forth from within the best qualities innate to all human beings: unconditional love, compassion, care, altruism, kindness, generosity to one another and with that help raise the vibration in the matrix with more love, health, peace and abundance.

Of course, it would take a much lengthier article if we were to explain in detail how energy works (I recommend you check the work of Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton PhD for more scientific and deeper explanation).

When we make the time to be observers of our own personal energy (we can use our emotional triggers to gauge), our thoughts and reactions to life’s events, then we can be active participants in moving and healing our energy.

“The moment a person chooses to move their own energy, they awaken the healer within them. Every cell in your body is energy. You are an energy being and you can transform your own energy.” Master Chunyi Lin (Spring Forest QiGong)

In Qigong practice we use movements of the body to move the internal Qi and with that improve our health and immunity.

Master Chunyi Lin (Spring Forest QiGong) suggests at this moment that we take 10 minutes a day to do 2 movements from the 5 Element Healing Movement. These particular movements activate and strengthen our immune system and the energies of the lung meridian.


IMG_4418 2


IMG_4419 2

If you are having a hard time centering your energy, a good mix of essential oils might help you feel more grounded: 2 drops of a carrier oil (jojoba, almond or fractionated coconut), 3 drops of lavender essential oil, 5 drops of grapefruit essential oil and 4 drops of cedar wood essential oil. Mix them in a bottle (preferably dark) and shake well. You can apply it on your chest and on the soles of your feet for a grounding and peaceful feeling.

At this moment our studio will be closed until it is safe again for our community to be close together and restart our routines.

Be safe, be well, be love.

Please, reach out if there is anything I can help you with.


Collective Grief Requires Collective Healing

This past Sunday (January 26th) was a very special day for my family. It would be my nephew’s Leonardo’s  32nd birthday.  It was day of remembrance for us. And just like that our community was deeply shaken by the tragic accident that took the lives of 9 people, amongst them a well known and beloved member of our Los Angeles community, Kobe Bryant.  It was a collective sorrow and pain that can still be felt around us now. A heavy and dense energy of grief ( so familiar to many, magnified by millions of people feeling it at the same time). It can be a very difficult veil of energy to move if we do not have tools to cope. Collective Healing is so much needed now.

                Leo (age 12) with his biggest fan, my oldest son Gabe (age 6 1/2)

The intention with the post is not to talk about my past pain and grief, but to share how energy work helped me heal and how it can help us heal. Energy work can help our community to connect with each other in a deeper level and heal together.

Leonardo passed away almost 15 years ago at the age of 17 for brain cancer. When somebody says “nothing can prepare you for that” he or she might be right.  It seems that life, as we know it,  with endless distractions, with material possessions and entertainment, prepares us very little for its real meaning,  significance and ephemerality. Spirit is always in command ( however you want to call It) and distancing ourselves from this Divine Light can cost us deep, profound and lasting suffering.

My family’s life was changed forever on  May  1st, 2005. The world stopped for a while for my family and yet people around us insisted in living, in rejoicing with life’s blessings. I am so very grateful they did. At that time I didn’t know that the vibration of love, laughter and joy of those around us, were actually uplifting us, elevating us and allowing us to heal.

That is the power of the matrix of energy we are ALL connected to! 

“Cords are like sticky ropes of mental/emotional energy that keep you “tied into” someone else. We can cord into anyone and anything, but the strength of the cord depends on the amount of time/energy/emotion we put into thinking about that thing.

We can cord into ideas, places and things as well. These cordings can be quite thin or temporary depending on the amount of energy we expel thinking about them.”

The Ties That Bind: Understanding Energy Cords


My life’s work has been a call  during a time of almost unbearable pain and grief I had experienced. You see, all my life dance has been a part of my daily routine. I love music, I love dancing.  I have to say that one of the greatest blessings from my culture that I carry so close to my heart is our music, the beat and rhythm of samba (“Drums represent the beat of the heart, the beat of the Earth Not surprisingly, they have been used by many ancient cultures in their healing ceremonies” – Song of the Spine by Dr. June Leslie Wieder.). I used to wake up my kids with music and used to dance while cooking. That’s how my older kids remembered me until Leonardo got sick…then I stopped doing everything and anything that could possibly bring me joy and connect me with Spirit. Crying was a new common thing for my daily routine. 

My Divine Call came through on the day that my daughter Georgia ( at that time she was just 8 years old) crying said to me “I want my mom back!”. 

Such powerful words that required from me immediate action. Those words echoed deeply in my heart and my whole being. There I was raising three kids (the youngest was a little over 2 years of age) and completely absent at every and each moment with them, to the continuity of life.

I soon started taking yoga and energy work classes, since the meditation, that I was so familiar with from very early age, wasn’t enough for me at that particular situation in my life. After I started my practice my body and my emotions slowly started to dance in harmony. As I felt my grief without paralyzing my being,  I could help my own children in the process. Life was intense for our family after that event with the loss of another chid in the family.  Spirit kept guiding and uplifting us as much as we allowed the messages to come through(and acted upon them).

When we work with energy,  we become very familiar with the effects of its stagnation or excess in the physical body. We can feel it, we can play with it, we can move it,  we can cut it so the path ahead is clearer ( not always an easy work, but so important). It is a process that requires our commitment and patience and of course support of family, friends and community. That is why a community that heals together is a strong community.

I have been humbled in my path by the stories of many of my clients. Paths of courage, determination and faith, despite their sorrow and pain.

At home, I am raising with my husband my stepsons (ages 13 and 17) who have tragically lost their mom years ago. Having tools to cope is of such enormous importance. Not everyone will accept the tools we have to share, in that case a good prayer direct from the heart can do miracles.

If you feel very affected by the energies around us at this moment, at our studio we offer twice a week (Tue & Thu, 6-7pm), Qigong and meditation classes that when done in a group, magnify the healing energy. You are welcome to join us. Old wounds and unhealed emotions can be triggered and opened at this time, make sure to honor and love them now, so you can heal.



This coming month of February I will be adding a new class to open up more deeply the meridians of the body (through Brazilian and Latin music), with some stretches , Qigong and sound bath. It is a very powerful class to release old energies, to accumulate new and refreshed energy  so you feel renewed. You will feel deeply connected to Spirit, to your heart.

Much love and gratitude,

Maria Helena Anderson





Happy Holidays!

I wish you and your family a peaceful holiday season!

May you all be blessed by the Divine light that lives inside and all around us.

I hope you can have a great time in the company of your family and loved ones. If it is a time when you feel lonely and not as cheerful and joyful, know that you are not alone. Reach out for help and remember the tools collected along your path that can help you uplift your mood at this time of the year: a walk in nature, some QiGong (playing with the energy ball and merging it into your heart is a great way to generate love and peace), yoga stretches (bow pose, tree pose, lifting up both legs against the wall are some examples) and meditation might bring you more peace and balance .



Essential oils are wonderful allies to uplift your mood if you feel that a boost is needed.  Below are some diffuser blends that are good for this time of year. You can be creative and make your own mix, just remember to use caution if you intend to use oils directly on your skin.


3 drops of Frankincense + 2 drops of orange + 2 drops of Peppermint

3 drops of Eucalyptus + 2 drops of Peppermint + 2 drops of Rosemary

3 drops Frankincense+ 2 drops Cinnamon Bark + 2 drops Orange

2 drops Orange + 2 drops Eucalyptus + 2 drops Peppermint (great mood boost)

2 drops Bergamot + 2 drops Orange + 2 drops Lemon

2019 has been a year of opportunities and expansion to my practice and I embraced it all.  A small room practice became a studio, and together we can now offer so much more to our community. There were Qigong and meditation classes for adults and teens, Kundalini yoga workshops led by Petra, a very experienced yogi , Vinyasa flow yoga ( a unique class that added the angelic singing voice of opera singer, Allie, to the long and transcendental  savasana) and we started showing documentaries at the studio. Of course, I kept my private sessions and continue to add new skills in energy and sound healing.

I appreciate your continuous support, trust in my work, and dedication to your own personal spiritual growth and healing path, whatever that might mean to you. Certainly together we magnify the good in each one of us. Every time one of us heals a particular area of our lives, our family heals, our community heals, together. While it can be confusing to understand the matrix of energy we all live in, as energy beings we can no longer deny the reality of vibration and its importance in our lives.

I will be sending out the new schedule for the month of January soon. The focus on the first month of the year will be  Qigong, meditation classes, and sound healing.  We will take a break from yoga classes at the beginning of the year and will resume classes in the spring.

Happy Holidays and I wish you a wonderful 2020!

Maria Helena



Gratitude and Love – A Bow to Life

I have been teaching the 5 Element Healing Movements from Spring Forest QiGong for the past couple of months. This is an amazing practice that, if you are really committed, can bring you amazing benefits for your health and well-being. It is truly a bow to life.

For those of you unfamiliar with QiGong practice, QiGong is an ancient Chinese practice of movements of the body and controlled breathing with the intention of moving the life force (Qi- pronounced “chee”) or prana inside the meridians of the body. The meridians are channels that run along the body; they are the energy network where energy flows.

If you have ever had an acupuncture treatment, you probably know that the goal of the session is to unblock energy channels. Our thoughts, the food we eat, the air we breathe, our environment, the way we relate to people can all play a role in blocking these energy channels. When energy is blocked, we can manifest in the physical body symptoms of pain and illnesses.

The last movement of the 5 Element Healing Movements is my favorite. It is a movement where we gently bow repeatedly while invoking the energy of gratitude. Our hands are pressed against each other in prayer pose (this stimulates the heart and lung’s energies). During 5 minutes we can bring into our minds and energy fields all the reasons to be thankful: the fresh water we drink, the good food we eat, our family, our friends, the roof over our heads. 

I have written this before in previous blogs: as energy beings, we cannot expand if our hearts are not open. The wounded heart learns to shield itself for protection, blocking the natural flow of energy within the whole body.

Did you know that the heart is said to emit an electromagnetic field 5000 times stronger that of the brain? Can you imagine what we can do with this information? It means that the more our hearts open, the more we love, the more we can help ourselves heal and also those around us.

From my experience in my practice, and in life, I believe it is through the heart we make peace with ourselves and with the world around us.

Several years ago a client of mine shared a beautiful experience she had. My client was a social worker for patients in hospice care. At that time one of her patients was on the verge of crossing over; however, for some reason, it was taking a long time to let go. One night my client used lavender essential oil and massaged her arms and hands, while she  thanked her for all the good she imagined she had done–the meals she might have cooked, the diapers she might have changed. The next morning the patient passed away with tranquility and apparently at peace. This story moved me deeply, and it still moves me when I remember it.

So, during this month of November when we celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s remember all the blessings that are already present in our lives, so our hearts can open even more. That will help the healing of our physical body and enhance the body, mind, and spirit connection .

I have found a place deep in my heart, my happy place, my peaceful place, my recharging place and the most grounded part of me: my home. A well of joy that can spring at any time (for no apparent reason), I gather the courage to take the journey, despite the difficulties caused by the circumstances that surround me at any given moment. My home has helped me to not stray from my path. It is my North Star.

I encourage you all to keep taking the journey within, the journey that leads you to your heart, and experience the explosion of light and love you can create for yourself and your loved ones, wherever you go.

I am grateful for you and for the trust you place in my work so together we can make this journey a little easier and a little more gentle.

I bow to you, I bow to your life.

Much love and gratitude,

Maria Helena Anderson




Change of Season…Change in Us

The season is about to change, and with that Nature also announces that we might need to go through changes as well . After all, change in our lives is inevitable and hopefully growth from that happens in a graceful manner.

The Farmers Market is already carrying some of the fall vegetables and fruits that the farmers are growing. At home we tasted, this past week, the delicious eggplants from Apricot Lane Farm (for those of you new to regenerative farming and the importance of learning from Nature to grow food, make time to watch The Biggest Little Farm documentary about the Apricot Lane Farm–we will be showing the documentary at our studio soon!), the most amazing figs you can ever find right from Etheridge Farm, the sweet and really tasteful cantaloupes, the San Marzano tomatoes (my favorite! They make the most delicious tomato sauce you can taste, ask my mom! 😉 ).

Coming very soon to Corpo e Alma Healing: vegan chef Dave Anderson will talk about regenerative farming to help the planet fight climate change and also its importance in our nutrition.

Nature has taken care of everything so perfectly that when the weather changes, our bodies can receive proper nourishment from the new crops. Isn’t Nature’s wisdom so amazing? Let’s get educated together so we can grow a more conscious community.

Calabasas Farmers’s Market on August 31st 2019
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” -Hippocrates

We are changing at our studio too!

Coming this month new yoga classes, QiGong and meditation, community meditation and more.

Starting Thursday, September 12th @ 7pm (about 80min class)
Register on the website, space is limited!

I am very excited to be teaching teens and kids again! Our children are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, carrying the stressors of a world in short circuit due to the overload of electronic devices and broken brains. Brain health (and gut health) and coping tools are a MUST for this generation, and I believe as adults we also must model to our kids healthy ways of living.

I appreciate the brave and courageous women that are committing their time and energy to our Kundalini Yoga Workshop for Women (Excel and Celebrate, led by Petra Harbhajan Gordon, an incredible human being and dedicated yogini, always humble, always kind). If you missed the ones that started at the end of August, there will be new groups in the near future!

First day Kundalini Yoga Workshop, group not pictured here.

I would like to humbly ask those of you that know my work and feel that your words can contribute to the expansion of our community, please send me a review of your experience, or even write a Yelp or Google Review. If you authorize me, your testimonial would be added to a page on my website.

Wishing you all a great preparation for the new season, and I look forward to seeing you more often!

Much love and gratitude for sharing your journey together!

Maria Helena Anderson

Consciousness, Healing and Different Realities

        Definition of Consciousness (noun):

*the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.

*the awareness or perception of something by a person.

*the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.

                                                                    picture credit:

When I was very young, in Brazil, my childish perception of reality revolved only around my immediate needs and wants. I guess I was no different than any other human being, right?

I learned pretty quickly  that life wasn’t easy for my family and in my country in general. However I remember holding on tight to our routines. I knew my father would be gone all day at work and my mother would take care of us at home. She would take us to school, feed us, discipline us by sharing my parent’s values. I felt rather “safe”.

Sometimes we would watch the news with our parents, maybe listen to their discussion of what was going on in politics (until I was 16 years old Brazil was under dictatorship ), other times we witnessed their distress and fears about money and the uncertainty of our living situation.


Dictatorship in Brazil: 1964-1985

(The military coup had the support and “help” from a powerful nation concerned about the spread of the communism regime that Fidel Castro had started in Cuba)

A time when Brazil experienced some economical growth while social disparity increased and the military and police specialized in torture and killing. Many artists were forced to live in exile if they wanted to live at all. Fear and repression were the main leading forces of the nation. Between the years 1980 and 1985  (last 5 years of the dictatorship regime) the yearly  inflation varied between 110%-242% !

At that time I started to believe that miracles were real. FYI… I still do 😉

After all, the “multiplication” of food at our table and the joy of my mother to serve us and others were nothing, but miracles. My consciousness was being formed based on my reality (as it is for most of us) in the core of my family as well as the reality of the society I was living in.

During my childhood  I thought everybody thought and felt like me. At one particular day, when I was 9 years old I arrived at my friend’s house to go to school together. When the door opened I saw my friend frantically trying  to hide the pacifier that was in her mouth. I could feel her embarrassment so strongly in my body, as if I was her. All I wanted to do was to create a distraction so that feeling would go away, for her and for myself.

I was walking on Earth picking up feelings and emotions from almost anybody close to my physical body, something I learned later on during my Energy Healer training.

My perception of that reality transformed the chaos inside of me in episodes of severe anxiety and panic attacks. Thanks to the beliefs of my family, an alternative way of healing my affliction was always at hand.

My mother believed that if you weren’t sick because of a virus or bacteria, didn’t have any broken bone or other physical injury, there was a great possibility that there was a spiritual (energetic if you will) imbalance in your body. In that case only natural healers could help us.

Many times the healers very presence and intention rippled peace onto me “…we can raise people from one vibration to another that will momentarily relieve them of their misery.” (The Dayspring of Youth- by M), other times even a small prayer and ritual (for example taking a leaf from a plant and burying it into the soil, as a symbolic act to bury the fears that lived in my heart) did the trick.

As I grew older, life presented to me many moments of difficulties and seemingly invincible obstacles. My growing awareness of my reality (that changed quite a few times) helped to bring close to me people that had gone through similar experiences in life. Together we transformed those experiences into learned lessons. That is so important for our journey!

We are all, at this moment, on this planet transitioning levels of consciousness to higher realms, from the individual to the collective.

I hope most of us are capable to endure the rough path when it shows up for us and that we choose to keep growing despite the difficulties we might face.

Nurturing the body, mind and soul can help you tremendously during any challenge. Energy healing, meditation,  sound & aromatherapy and massage might give you some breathing room so you can reconnect with the most Divine part of yourself.

The once “hidden’ tools of knowledge and wisdom from sages that came before us are now out there in the open ( if we dare to look for them), no more secrets. As long as we keep focusing on our personal healing more and distracting ourselves less with the bombardment of information (so many times distorted), electronic gadgets and consumerism, we can really be conscious of what is truly going on in Our Planet and contribute to the elevation of its vibration.

“This golden consciousness will then reveal to us our individual path and give us a period of rest, absolute in our own world and to all that is within it. Here we are given that peace and serenity called Nirvana by those Yogis who have breathed in its perfume. And we are greeted and recognized as those who have at last returned from a long pilgrimage of labor and experience.”

(The Daypring of Youth- by M)



Maria Helena


The Celestine Prophecy, an amazing movie based on the book by James Redfield that might inspire you on your inner journey:

Courage and Strength to Live a Life with Purpose

Courage and strength must walk together during the course of our lives, nowadays more than ever!

During times of great challenges that many of us are going through right now, it is imperative to invoke our courage! To whom? You may ask…to our Highest Self, the most powerful, and untouched by the Ego, part of us. It knows every aspect of our lives, every part of our being, our joys and our sorrows.

Through breathing and body awareness, we can calm down our emotions and slowly bring ourselves into a state of deep communion with that wise part of us. Easier said than done, right? After all, we have accumulated in our bodies so much energy from suppressed emotions, that sometimes this simple task may seem insurmountable. I promise you…it is not!

We might need to change directions in a few areas of our lives. We might need to cleanup our inner channels which will allow us to experience such Divine communion. Once we plug into Source, all the information available to us to overcome any obstacle we might be dealing with will be delivered to us. The speed and quality of information we can access from Source are proportional to our faith, to the calmness and acceptance of our being to receive the blessings at the time needed…even if the blessings initially bring us pain.

“When we touch the center of sorrow, when we sit with discomfort without trying to fix it. When we stay present to the pain of disapproval or betrayal and let it soften us, these are the times we connect with Bodhicitta(awakening mind). Tapping into that shaky and tender place has a transformative effect. Being in this place may feel uncertain and edgy, but it is also a big relief.” Pema Chodron ( The Places that Scare You) “Being compassionate enough to accommodate our own fears takes COURAGE of course, and definitely  feels counter intuitive, but it is what we need to do. “

I recently finished reading the book “The Great Work of Your Life”, written by Stephen Cope( Founder and Former Director of the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living).

The author examines the life struggles faced by such visionaries as Jane Goodall, Harriet Tubman, and Mohandas Gandhi, encouraging us, the readers, to reject the modern idea that “we can be anyone we want to be” and instead to discover and fully pursue our inner self’s calling.

Gospel of Thomas(mentioned multiple times by the author):

“If you bring forth what is within you, it will save you; if you do not bring forth what is within you, it will destroy you.”

Something to really think about it, don’t you think?

I believe it is critical to invoke our courage when we feel defeated, when we feel that the darkness left no room to the light to come in, when our intellect decided that we have exhausted all rational possibilities to get us out of ” trouble” or troubled emotions. Energy work is an amazing tool to help us navigate such challenging times. We can learn and practice  QiGong, Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation or even receive a massage and Reiki healing.

What if blazing a completely new path is the answer to many of our inner struggles? One step at the time.  The new path might demand from us a serious commitment to detachment…maybe from people, places, life style and even careers we identify ourselves with.

It’s important to remember over and over again that before leaving our body after this life on Earth, it will be required from us to empty our pockets completely from the material …and to open our hearts completely, taking with us only the experiences that made us a better human being than when we started this journey!

When we see so many of our brothers and sisters choosing to walk themselves to the other side during times of intense struggle and pain, action is a must. We must share with one another love and hope.

“There’s so much that we need to share
So send a smile and show you care
I’ll give a little bit
I’ll give a little bit of my life for you
So give a little bit
Give a little bit of your time to me
See the man with the lonely eyes
Oh, take his hand, you’ll be surprised
Oh, take it”.  (Supertramp- Give a little bit)

Whatever we have learned during our own time of darkness it might be just the hope and light needed on somebody else’s path at this very moment.

Let’s reach out to one another, instead of isolating ourselves ashamed for not knowing how to deal with our inner battles and desolation. Let’s bring to the light our own shadows(no shame in that) and learn that only when we have that courage, we will find the strength to get up once again and keep walking the journey until the end.

Much love,

Maria Helena Anderson

P.S. Remember that is always ok to disagree with other people’s point of view. Many times they will stir within us deeper thinking, and that might be just what we need… to have deeper thoughts about life.

Hijacked Brains

It’s no news to any of us that our country and our world are suffering from an epidemic of sick brains.

Our brains haven’t been able to slow down, to think clearly, to ponder before making decisions, to remember simple tasks and even to rest. What happened ? Anxiety, Depression, Addictions… Mental Health Issues are growing exponentially over the past years.

Several years ago, during my training to become and Energy Healer I heard for the very first time about the “second brain” within our gut. I learned that our gut produces more serotonin(our happiness hormone) than our actual brain and there we also produce dopamine! So, if we really want to heal our brain, our emotions, balance our body chemistry, we must take care of our guts.

In a society where we have learned to microwave food to “save” us time, to eat highly processed foods, to raise animals as inhumanly as it can possibly be done (injecting hormones and all sorts of antibiotics in them…to later consume their flesh), to take short cuts to add nourishment to our bodies, it shouldn’t be any news that we are certainly paying the price for our choices. Unfortunately we are also victims of a world where we are as conditioned to do certain things and behave at a certain way, as our pets. Who hijacked our brains and our choices?

The answer is a bit complex, I believe, and I certainly don’t want to have the arrogance to say I have it, however I can offer you food for thought, so we can as a community, as humans with free will, strong determination and perseverance, take back our power to heal ourselves, our lives and the lives of our loved ones!

I remember when I lived in Brazil and was attending College (Business Administration) I was an assistant to professors who taught the nightly Extension Courses for Executives coming  from various high profile companies.

When Marketing was in the discussion, the question on how to bring customers to businesses was raised, of course. The professors explained how businesses (especially the food industry) had done profound studies on psychology of behavior, how to persuade customers through subliminal messages, though colors, sounds and speed of images that could create an “urge” to consume products advertised using the results found in these studies.

As smart human beings we want to believe we are, we know that this technique is used in any area we can possibly imagine nowadays, including the traditional health system. It has been using fear to convince us that we need certain medicines in order to be “saved” from the effects of diseases and many ailments that could be easily prevented by a balanced diet, regular exercises and meditation…and mind you: if we cared for the Earth, avoiding producing pollutants that are causing us so many of those diseases!

My intention with this blog is, as I said before in other posts,  to provoque thinking, to instigate questioning and getting us all out of our comfort zone. If we want real changes for us to live a healthier life, we ought to question the old ways of doing things.

Our crops and food system have been hijacked as well, by big corporations that spread harmful pesticides and chemicals in the food we eat. Naturally, overtime (some people don’t even need a long exposure to those dangerous chemicals to show symptoms) our bodies get sick. Knowing that Western Medicine doesn’t include Nutrition as a mandatory(or non mandatory) class for all those aspiring to be doctors, it can be very uncomfortable to ask doctors for help. How can a medical doctor help us fully and completely without knowing that food IS medicine as well? Please, don’t take me wrong, I am deeply grateful for Western doctors, my family and myself needed them countless times and had our well-being rescued because of their knowledge and expertise. Many doctors nowadays are incorporating holistic practices to their own practices and having great success and a much deeper impact in the lives of their patients. It won’t be much longer when we will see Western and Eastern medical practices integrated (one of my highest hopes in this life!).

So, our journey to take back our power to heal ourselves starts when we decide to question, when we decide that our lives are sacred(as are the lives of any human being on Earth) and we decide to learn all about our bodies. Learning about our family history, the diseases and silenced emotional traumas passed on generation after generation, the habits inherited, the prejudices and judgements passed on generation after generation will take us into a journey of profound self discovery.

What if the parts of us that are hurting, are sick, are lonely, are deprived were a byproduct of family history and the collective consciousness of the place we were born at, at that particular time?

What if at any given time brains have been always hijacked and deprived to be plugged in directly to Source(to the Divine, to God)? Maybe if each one of us learns how to truly take better care of ourselves and of others, we will be able to recover our brain health and life, achieve our full potential and  to love one another!

Much love, health and peace to all,

Maria Helena Anderson

Check out the video bellow, you might find it incredibly helpful on your journey. Also check the website TAT(TAPAS ACUPRESSURE TECHNIQUE) is an amazing technique to release trauma and so much more from your life and body!




Happy New Year!

I wish you, your family and loved ones a fantastic New Year!

May you make time to silence the world outside and travel inwards, enjoying the angelical voices of your inner guidance.

May you keep digging deeper and deeper into your heart, into your family’s history so you can uncover the secrets to your healing and well being.






The tools Mother Nature shares abundantly with us, like crystals, are amazing to help us reach deep into our hearts during meditation.

May you keep dreaming and take each day a little step towards the manifestation of your dreams, having your heart as the compass for the path ahead.

May you be able to make peace with the circumstances ( and people) you cannot control, allowing the unfoldment of life. Trusting that the highest good will come to pass as long as you are true to your heart.

May you make a commitment to yourself to care and nurture your inner child, having fun along the way, so the balance of work and play makes the bumps on the road easier to ride.

May you keep receiving massages often, relaxing more and more so you can open your arms to the blessings the Universe has prepared just for you!

             My massage and healing room awaits you!

As for myself, I will continue my own healing journey, deepening my studies(and experimental training)  in holistic healing, bringing more instruments (especially  Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks) and knowledge to my sessions, so together we can release any energy that holds you back, preventing you to have inner peace and live a fulfilling life.

Cheers to 2018! May there be peace on Earth, May it start with me!

Maria Helena




Why Healing With Sounds?

Why healing with sounds? Because we are vibrational beings, with energy pulsating in and all around us.

According to Jonathan Goldman, director of the Sound Healers Association,  “people have been using mantras and others sounds for various types of healing and consciousness shifts for thousands of years in different traditions”. Shamans have used drumming, rattling, chanting, instrumental music and other sounds techniques as its primary tools for healing.

OM tuning forks

I have been using in my practice, for several years now, sounds in combination with body work. What I see the majority of my clients experience, specially after certain tuning forks are played around the head, is a great sense of calmness, clarity and harmony( as long as there is silence and focus during the experience).

I recently acquired a hand hammered Tibetan singing bowl from Nepal. The sound and vibration are very powerful! Hope you get to experience it soon and give me your feedback.

Pineal Gland Tuning Fork used in my practice

The ancient mystics have told us that everything is in a state of vibration, every organ, every bone, every tissue, every system of the body is creating a sound. Modern science is now in agreement with that…finally! What to do when we have this information?

When I was a little girl, growing up in Brazil, I loved dancing to the samba, the beats of the drums made me feel amazing.  I could feel the vibration on the floor coming up in my body through the soles of my feet (dancing barefoot has always been my favorite!) and after a few minutes whatever tension, anxiety and fears I felt, would be gone from my body and my being, even if temporarily. Many times it felt like I didn’t even have a body, I was part of all things and all things were  part of me.

Until today I use dancing to the drums to create vibration in my body and reestablish more harmony and peace in my inner being, especially before giving any massage and energy treatment.

“Modern Science is finally recognizing that energy constitutes the blueprint of the physical body.Meanwhile, the energetic vibration of sound can be used to change that blueprint in ways that foster health and well being.” Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine.

If we accept that every part of the body has its specific vibration, specific frequency, we can imagine that an organ in the body that is in a state of disharmony might work more like an instrument* out of tune, right?

What if we could tune up the body as a whole, so each player, each part of the body could “play” again, in harmony with all the other players and a sense of well being be reestablished in the body?

Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. is a clinical professor of medicine at Weill-Cornell Medical College and founder of Gaynor Integrative Oncology in New York City. He is also the author of “The Healing Power of Sound: recovery from Life-Threatening Illness Using Sound, Voice and Music”. Dr. Gaynor tells that his success in treating patients with various forms of cancer has improved markedly since he began having his patients chant mantras while listening to the sound of singing bowls.

It is critical to mention that as each part of the body has its frequency so does the food we feed our bodies.

The “movement” pro organic food educates us on the importance of consuming more living foods, it also urges us to consume less animal products(if any at all, since animals are also vibrating to the level of care they are subjected to) and less processed foods. This shift in consciousness came as a direct result of the huge number of diseases of the body and mind in mankind, and also due the increasing destruction and consequent imbalance of Mother Nature and all living beings on Earth.

Tools like tuning forks, singing bowls, crystals (that are found in great abundance on Earth for every vibration of our bodies) and even a well calibrated human body that touches us can influence the whole vibration of our bodies, working as a “tuning fork”, that is what we, healers, intend to do at every session.

Our embodied presence on Earth directly impacts every life. The harmony or lack of in the “orchestra of living beings” played in our planet can be changed by each and everyone of us, the musicians. We are elevating together the consciousness of our planet as each one of us chooses to tune up the body, mind and soul.


Maria Helena