Introspection for Self-Healing and the Healing of Our Planet

We cannot deny that we are living in times of great turmoil not only in the world we live in, but (for many of us) in the world within. We face the choice to either be paralyzed by fear or be active participants and co creators of a new paradigm in both worlds.

We might ask ourselves if it is possible for one single individual to make a difference. Being an incurable optimist …I will always and invariably say…yes!

If more and more research has been proving the power of the positive thinking ( and positive actions) in medical treatments why not to believe that one healed individual can affect the whole? After all, each one us is a cell of this amazing Earth. What if each one of us could use sometime each day for some introspection about our lives, about who we are, about our habits, about our purpose to be in this world? What would happen?

The healer within each one of us is asking to be acknowledged at this time. The healer within  is asking for us to honor our ancestors and all their pain and suffering, because we somehow might still carry it within us and will keep doing so for generations to come, unless we make a pause, look deeper and deeper within and the essence of who we are. The inner healer calls us to see the light within so together we can see the light without.

The connection we have with one another is undeniable, and that the ability we all have to affect each other, either with acts of love or acts of violence, is immense.

We all have now a greater responsibility to be pro-actives in the healing of our planet and make the decision to either leave the unfinished work to the next generations, our children and grandchildren being affected by it, or to love ourselves so immensely and unconditionally that the changes we make in our lives will achieve greater joy, greater health, greater peace, greater love and we will have nothing but love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness towards one another.

The ripple effect of self love is magical and incredibly healing.

I hope you feel like loving yourself like never before, not waiting for anybody else to do it first. I hope that you feel like creating new healthy habits in your life in case you haven’t started that yet. I hope when you come for a visit to receive a massage, you can remember how much you are loved and how much your life and well being matter!

Let’s get started!

Maria Helena

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