Caring for the Kidneys to Preserve Life Force


In Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidneys are the fountain of youth, the foundation of vital life and longevity,  they store the Essence of Life Force, inherited from our parents.kidneys

The Energy in our bodies flow when we are relaxed, when we are mindful, conscious of our actions and present at each moment ( not necessarily an easy thing to do).

I have learned about the importance of flow of Energy within the body, through yoga, mindful breathing and meditation. I also have learned ( and experienced it) that when the emotions take control of our lives, there is very little we can do to find clarity and focus in our actions. If that happens our defense and healing mechanism became hacked, the Energy Flow is compromised , so is our ability to be healthy.

Those of us that exercise too much, work too much; abuse of caffeine, alcohol (among other unhealthy life styles)and live a stressful life are depleting the essence of life in the kidneys before its time. The kidneys are the seat of courage and willpower, therefore any impairment in the kidney meridian, results in feelings of fear and paranoia.

When the kidney meridian is in balance there is wisdom, rationality, clear perception, gentleness in our lives. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle with healthy food, physical exercise, plenty of sleep and  low stress will preserve our kidney essence.

A good massage session  can help us relax the muscles and gain more awareness of our body’s needs. Some yoga poses can help us open up the kidney meridian and let the Life Force flow with more ease within the body, keeping us younger longer and more confident.


I encourage you to look for a training to help you gain more awareness of the flow of Energy in your body and experience the amazing improvement of your well being. I add here two links and hope you explore the Energy work you feel fit for your needs.

Health and peace,

Maria Helena

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