When the World Has Gone Crazy

If the world has gone crazy, we don’t need to.
And there we are, all together, all(most of us) wanting the same: peace, happiness, love, abundance, health and joy…if all human beings can have that, safety is a given.
How can we keep ourselves grounded in our utmost values? How can we not sway in many directions contributing to the chaos around us?

We must remember who we are! We must rescue deep within our hearts our inner power and use it for good.

 I remember when after my training to be an energy healer, several years ago in Sedona, I came home fired up to share with my family, friends and with the world, all that I had learned about our energy body. I learned and experienced first hand the incredible power we all hold within ourselves. It was amazing! And I was just getting in touch with a tiny little part of this vast world of energy.

Emmanuel Dagher

A couple years after my Sedona experience I started working as an energy healer at a Spa in Westlake Village, here in Southern California. I had the opportunity to have “disguised” as clients, some of my greatest teachers. A privilege and honor that I cherish until today, especially because at that time, my personal life was about to go through a long and painful period of great turmoil.

During my darkest and challenging times I was rescued and supported by all those that were embodying love. Especially my yoga masters, that literally fed me, treated my vulnerable emotional and physical bodies, loved me unconditionally and pushed me to train more, to be stronger, to be in silence, to not duel in my past, to focus all my energy in each and every moment I was living, to act out of wisdom and love. One of the most important lessons I have learned is: if I want to experience true power, I have to open my heart to love, to love myself unconditionally so I can love others.
“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word” (Martin Luther King Jr)
A little story(real one) to illustrate it:

One of my clients/teacher was a ballerina. Her feet were very hurt, so was her heart. She was struggling with her divorce and the fact that her children had chosen to stay with their father. Her anger was great and I could feel it intensely. She wasn’t dancing much at that time, even though dancing was her passion. She was mostly trying to regroup and find peace within.

After a few weeks as I walked by the resting area in the spa I spotted my client. Her face, her body and her whole being were different. Everything was glowing, being in her presence felt wonderful. I said ” You look great! Where are you coming from?”. Smiling she said ” I was dancing!”.

Oh my! She was dancing! And all of the sudden the whole space in and around her vibrated love, simply because she loves dancing. I never saw that client again, but I do hope she kept dancing as much as possible so she could find the answers she was looking for. By doing so, she would elevate not only herself, but all those around her.

           And that’s the way we can go about in a world that has gone crazy!

Sometimes we may feel discouraged, we may feel that it is hard to keep up the optimism, the positivity and the hope. If that is the case, let’s make a simple list of coping tools that can be used:  a silent walk in nature is very healing, speaking our truth lightens up the heart, standing up for what we believe in is liberating and lifts  our spirits, giving a donation or volunteering. You can think of many little things that might have helped you in the past and add to your list.

“When we do good deeds, we’re rewarded by a dopamine pulse. It’s clear that helping others, even if it is just volunteering for several hours every week, makes people’s moods improve.” (bioethicist Stephen G. Post, PhD)

Receive a massage so you can push the pause button of your mind, at least momentarily, increase dopamine and serotonin(our happy, feel good hormones) and  show up for the Earth. Together we can magnify the love our loving Mother needs so desperately now, so she can survive.

Peace and Love to all,

Maria Helena Anderson

If the stress is too intense, remember that we are here for one another, so reach out. I share some links you may find helpful:





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