Let’s Teach Our Children How To Relax…


I have noticed recently, in my massage and energy work practice, more and more visits from children and young adults.

It’s truly an honor to be trusted to care for the little ones and teenagers. I love them and feel that they have a much deeper connection to the source, to this vast Universe, than most of us adults.

What has been surprising to me is the amount of tension, pain, and intense alertness in those kids, mostly due to the overuse of electronic devices like video games and cell phones .

As a natural reaction of the body during a massage, the muscles tend to relax, the blood pressure drops and a gentle heaviness and well-being takes over the body with the release of endorphins. The mind slows down, the shoulders drop, and—at least for that moment—all tension goes away, giving the mind and body a break from stress. However, if our mind is constantly being stimulated, the process is much more difficult .

I believe that we adults still have the power to lead our children with more awareness, the power to rethink values and priorities, the power of making decisions regardless of what has been followed by the great masses and the insatiable consumerism that goes around us. It makes sense to think that the change might start with us…adults. How we perceive the world, how we relate to it affects directly how our own children will connect and feel the world around them.

Why not question, once in a while, our habits of living and gradually introduce into our family a more relaxing and healthier routine? One that involves more quality time in interaction with humans and nature and less time in interaction with machines…maybe then our children will drop the weight of the world that we are unconsciously placing upon their shoulders.

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