Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Healing Through Tapping and Dancing

Since I was very young, maybe around 6 or 7 years old , I remember suffering from horrible anxiety and panic attacks.

I am glad that at that time natural healers were the first option. My mom took me to quite a few of them. The healers used a combination of energy healing and prayers and helped me as much as they could. As an adult I searched myself for natural ways to deal with such disturbing problems that can truly compromise our ability to function in society and in life in general.

While I suffered deeply and silently, I didn’t want to believe that taking a pill was the only way to relieve my symptoms. I am happy to share with you that my “illness” has been absolutely in control with such practices as yoga, body tapping and dancing, on top of a good nutrition , meditation and rest.

It was through tapping of my body and vibration, which I learned at Dahn Yoga, that I felt consciously aware of the connection of my body and my feelings.  I have had  similar experiences through dance, especially dancing the samba when the drumming sounds vibrate the ground and come up through the soles of my feet and travel up to my head, taking me to a state of indescribable joy.

For thousands of years before the evolution of medicine, dance was part of ancient healing ceremonies. It was then that body, mind, and soul would connect and the spiritual realm could be felt and the inner power within us could be truly harnessed for something good.

Our Universe is so vast and so incredibly rich in possibilities and yet every time we have to make a decision, especially when involving our health, we tend to take the road most traveled.

Next time… choose possibility, you might be surprised how well you can dance!

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