Food Matters

As we have been walking together the road towards great health and well being, I would like to share with you a documentary that came across my path years ago and once again this past week.

The documentary is called Food Matters. Probably some of you already saw it and hopefully felt somehow inspired by its key message. Anything that can motivate us to make changes to a healthier and positive lifestyle, we most likely will welcome into our lives, don’t you agree?

I was blessed to have my husband (an incredibly gifted and creative Vegan Chef) and 3 of my kids ( 2 teenagers and a 10 year old ) to join me to watch it again and talk about it. I believe it’s critical to involve our children and loved ones in our quest to improve our physical, mental and  emotional health. Knowledge indeed is power!

Since a very early age I remember my mother repeatedly talking about the importance of education in our lives. An education that makes you use your critical thinking and question answers given in the form of: “that’s the way it is, that’s the way it has been for a very long time, that’s the way science has proven so far”, might open your mind to a point of “no return”.   🙂

I guess it’s fair to say that the documentary will educate you (or at least intrigue you) and probably you might ask yourself  “How we, humans, allowed our own race to take this path of self destruction? “

 I hope you accept my  invitation to carve some time to watch it, to explore and maybe give yourself a chance to embrace something “new”.  Something that might make you feel so good and hopeful that you will finally feel that you can take your own power back. The power to decide how you want to live your life and how you want to take care of yourself. When you glow, you rise up the vibration of our planet!  Take others with you, the ride will be way more fun.

Michael Bernard Beckwith

You can transform your life through one positive change at the time, one day at the time…accepting the frustrations and challenges, that you might encounter, as opportunities to become a stronger human being! With gentleness, patience, immense love and respect for your life and for the lives of others.


Take a look at the website where you can find great inspiration to start a brand new chapter in your life:

*Food Matters

*Hungry for Change (another terrific documentary)

In love and health,

Maria Helena


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