What Happens After We Decide to Take Care of Us in a Physical and Emotional Level?

I remember being in so much physical and emotional pain several years ago that living was a drag on my body and mind.
I have been physically active all my life, however at that particular time it felt like I couldn’t move. My heart was aching and so was my body.

For the first time, I visited a chiropractor in Colorado, where my family and I lived at that time. He made the adjustments in my body that were supposed to be made and…gave me homework! How could he dare tell me to stretch here and there and suffer more pain if I had paid him to fix me and take away my pain? As embarrassing as it is to say, those were exactly my thoughts at that time; when I tried to do what he had told me to do, it hurt so bad that I hated him for it.

During the healing process we might feel pain so we can relieve the pain. Crazy to think, right? Great news… there are invariably those that dare to take the path before us and are eager and willing to share what they have learned, so we can choose whatever works for us .

Let’s be active players in our healing, embarking in the land of self discovery. It means finding a way that works for us to slowly and lovingly peel the layers of emotions that were subconsciously created around us throughout our lives up to this point.

Laughter is a huge ally on the path of healing! It makes the heart lighter, loosens up the muscles and when you really feel discouraged remember that someone can always lend you courage when you lack yours, and he/she might lend you faith when you think you have none.

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