Private Sessions for Energy Healing Massage & Shirodhara

I am now allowed to reopen the studio for in-person sessions without medical or chiropractor referral. It is easy-open, which means I will give a good amount of time between clients to sanitize the room and equipments. The number of clients that I will see during the week is also reduced for the time being.

I am excited to be able to work with you in person again!

Once you schedule your session directly with me (805)-728-5573, I will confirm your appointment the day before and ask you the same questions (Covid questions) as if you were going to the doctor’s office. Rest assured that I will answer the same questions for your peace of mind. The responsibility lies with both ends.

Sessions are 60 mins long (investment in your health $110) or 90 mins (investment in your health $143) only, no 120 mins sessions are offered at this time. The payments accepted at the moment are cash or Venmo.

I am super excited to introduce you to the newest treatment at the studio: SHIRODHARA. Send me a message for more information or schedule your session.

Shirodhara (shiro-dar-a)-( shira = head and dhara = flow) is a unique, blissful Ayurvedic therapy that balances and stabilizes the mind. To receive Shirodhara, the client lies down on the massage table with their eyes covered. Next, specially prepared warm herbal oil (Shirodhara oils contain herbs such as ashwagandha, brahmi/gotu kola, and bhringaraj; Banyan’s Shirodhara Oil -the one I use at the sessions is a nice blend of these herbs and also includes shatavari and skullcap) is poured in a thin steady stream directly onto the forehead and sixth chakra. The purpose of shirodhara is to calm the nervous system.


The oil is warm and the flow steady. You get a good scalp massage too!

To maintain the sense of peace, avoid electronics for at least three hours after your treatment. If you can wait, wash your hair the next day, making sure you cover your pillow with a towel before you go to bed. When you do wash your hair, apply shampoo to your oily head before wetting it, working it thoroughly in. You may need to reapply shampoo a number of times before the oil is completely removed.

Shirodhara can also awaken the third eye, release old memories, and bring deep inner focus. Like most Ayurvedic treatments, Shirodhara is designed to reset the body’s natural healing mechanisms. People often say that they feel as if they are in a waking meditative state, the effects of which can continue for weeks.

I continue to offer Qigong classes, Guided Meditation for Grounding, Finding the Magic Within (mindfulness and meditation for children) and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique- to release trauma and reduce stress). The TAT group meets every Friday at 6:30 pm and the meeting lasts about 45 mins.

If you would like to participate in classes please, send me a message and I will send you the zoom link. There will be Webinars coming up (hopefully starting at the end of March) for opening up meridians, chakras and learning energy techniques to release stress and specific symptoms, stay tuned!

Much love to you,


Waiting for your visit!





D.M.C. (Divinely Modified Children)


Be aware of the new generation of children.

We are not genetically modified, most of us.
We are Divinely Modified Children (DMC).
We resist authority and guidance of corrupt families and governments.
We question laws created by interest of a few and not of the whole.
We question the hunger in such an abundant world.
We question the violence.
We have a hard time to sit still in class, because we can feel with all five senses at once and this world over stimulates and overwhelms us and besides what you teach is really old stuff we don’t care about anymore.

The world needs new, it wants new.
We came to create what the world have been yearning, not to copy the old anymore.
Through arts and music,through community.
Doctors prescribe us pills so we can stay still and keep swallowing the same old stuff, but we can’t.
Be aware that we children will challenge parents, teachers, therapists, doctors, authorities with questions and behaviors like never before.
We want to understand what doesn’t make sense and all of you have been accepting and creating for yourself, for so long.
Distorted values of external appearances, concealing your untreated pain and thirst for power and control.

We want the truth.
We want to change everything.
We want to say: be kind to one another, we are the same, we need each other.
We want to say: take good care of us because we are truly the ones that can help heal our so wounded planet.
We don’t want to add up to the pain, we want to be the source of healing.

Teach us to be great givers, not only takers.
Feed us fresh and natural food, feed us with love.
We need a soft and loving touch, a warm and long hug.
We are the DMC and we are invading this planet.
Do not feel alarmed or scared, we come in peace, from peace and to peace.
Listen to us, listen to all we have to say.
The world needs us.

We want to say, drop your weapons, lower your guard, open your heart. Heal your wounds, pouring the tears of your pain, but do not raise your hands or your voice to hurt us. Your anger muffles your voice, making it really inaudible to us.
The power of anger is quail and false, don’t illude yourself with it, instead learn how to heal your heart.
When your heart speaks, it’s soft and kind, it shines through the whole world.
Look at us, we have messages to you.

Wake up dear brothers and sisters.
Let’s light up the flame inside of us together for a new world.
We won’t stop challenging you, that’s the only way you can listen to us.
Expect us to stand up for what is right!
We all can come together when scared by natural disasters, we are facing a calamity: spiritual blindness, so let’s come together!
There is no religion talk, there are no imposing rules. There is simply respect to one another, compassion, understanding, integrity, equality and kindness to all humankind.

If you let us, we will reunite our peoples as one.
Please, don’t give in to our desires in this material world, as tempting as it is to keep us busy and quite. This will only cloud and delay our mission. Instead teach us about your past , about the world. Tell us what you know, not what you judge. Set boundaries to keep us safe and respect each other’s space.
Allow us to be out in nature as much as possible. Let us be creative and find our own ways to do things and to explore this world as much as we can. Let us use our imagination to make up stories and please, don’t crush or ridicule us when we do.

Pay attention to yourself, learn everything about yourself and the world , then you can know about us as well.
What you are giving to yourself ,you are giving to us, make good choices.
We all see the world in different ways, but remember… the world speaks LOVE, an universal and healing language. It’s showering all of us at every moment: as the birds sing outside, as the waves crash on the shore, as the dolphins play in the ocean, as the flowers bloom everywhere, as the babies giggle, as the lovers kiss and even as the bodies are no more and the love of those that occupied them , just stay forever in our hearts.
The love is in the soup that we bring to our elderly neighbor,the love is also in the rose left on the porch of the recent broken family.
The love is in the smile of everyone.

Be aware that we don’t all look alike.
We come in different colors and races, in all kinds of families, all over the world. Some of us carry in our bodies physical or mental challenges, just so you can learn that no matter what our challenges may be ,together we can overcome anything.

Accept us.
Respect us at home, so we will learn to respect others.
Mothers and fathers: respect and honor one another and each other’s roles and walk in the same path of truth without creating confusion for us.
Be our voices until we can speak up for ourselves.

Pull up your sleeves, the whole world needs all of us together, NOW.
Empower us! Believe in us! Nurture our inner gifts (not the projection of your non accomplished dreams) ! Allow us to be.
Give us lots of love, so we will have always our hearts open.
Teach us the wisdom of the sages in meditation, yoga and prayer.
Live yourself a healthy life, so we can learn that too.
Within the heart of the family lies the peace we look for in the world.
We are your children, the children of the new world!

By Maria Helena