Earth Month

“If you make sense of what happened to you and learn how to regulate yourself, you will have a very different outcome than somebody who had those terrible experiences but didn’t do the work to learn how to make sense of their life and go and achieve freedom.”

Let’s Keep Honoring Our Ancestors

When we study our family tree we get the chance to notice patterns that have been repeating themselves for generations. Some patterns can be very interesting and a contribution to the family and society, others are very detrimental to our well-being, to the well-being of our family and it can ripple negatively to our society.

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! In life sometimes we can feel that is very difficult to open up our hearts to gratitude. Gratitude in energy healing is like a magic potion, that calibrates the heart to its highest vibration. Therefore, aligning our whole being to Heaven and Earth at the same […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

When my family and I  moved  from Brazil to the US,  21 years ago, I didn’t understand quite well the importance of the Thanksgiving holiday to the American culture. In the first years my family was invited to join our friends’s families to share the meal and simply be together. The holiday started to grown […]

Happy New Year!

              Wishing you a year filled with health, love, peace, joy and prosperity! Happy 2017!       Looking forward to seeing you more often! Much love and gratitude for your light and presence in my life,         Maria Helena Anderson