Opening the Pathway to Peace Within…Releasing Anger From The Liver

Several years ago when I started practicing yoga and became aware of the energy flow in my body, I had an energy healing session with my yoga master.  She “poked” the right side of my body, on the liver area. I felt so much pain and didn’t understand why. I was told I needed to express myself better, to speak my truth when I needed to because I was holding on to some pretty strong emotions.

For a very long time I wasn’t allowed to express my emotions, my frustrations and especially my anger towards a situation of abuse and oppression I was living. My non expressed emotions were still inhabiting my being, more importantly, blocking the smooth flow of energy in my body.

Unhealed hurts are open wounds that continue to deteriorate and flare up, causing emotional pain and suffering, sometimes physical discomfort and illness.

One of the most remarkable experiences I had releasing anger from my liver was through Qigong. I was committed to practicing it morning and  night every day for three months at first so I could learn a new technique to use in my practice. During one of my practices, maybe a couple of months into my new routine, I felt a huge amount of heat coming up from the core of my being. The anger started moving and the feelings were intense, my head hurt and the burning sensation within almost unbearable. I was tempted to stop the practice half way through, however my inner voice kept pushing me to finish it and release once and for all the energy that certainly wasn’t contributing to my personal growth and healing.

The energy of anger left my body and at that moment my being felt lighter and more at peace. I freed myself from the bondage of a past hurt, made space for a more loving energy to enter and my physical body definitely became happier.

The health of our liver reflects our overall health and well being.

The liver detoxifies, nourishes and stores blood. So, we must be careful and mindful with the food we put into our bodies, with our ability to express and release anger and how we manage stress. If we disregard the needs of the liver, we end up with symptoms very familiar to many of us: depression, mood swings, sighing, frustration, inappropriate anger, sensation of a lump in the throat, menstruation irregularities and cramps, headaches… to list some.


Please, remember that my intent with this blog is to bring more awareness about energy in the body and possible consequences if a blockage is present. The need to look for medical attention is still very important, especially in acute situations.

There are many paths one can take to release stored emotions in the body, make sure to find one that works for you and never compromise the growth of your soul and your inner peace.

Maria Helena Anderson

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